“Study on a war footing for exams”- 26 February 2012


Q. I am 24 years old and I have a problem from last 3 years. I feel it very difficult to write. My writing is totally changed. I feel fear that I can’t hold the pen any more. Earlier I had a very good writing I used to hold the pen quite firmly but now-a-days I hold it quite tightly. I think it started because during those days I rarely use to write except during exam time. That’s why it happened and I am really worried about it but then too I have a strong hope in myself and God as well. I need your help to achieve this as early as possible. Can I contact you on your number?

Ans. There could be some sort of a physical / neurological problem and you may need some medicines. Exercise / proper physiotherapy will help ease out the problem too. First get a check up done by a physician and he will guide your further. If everything is normal and there is no physical abnormality or cause then it should be a psychological one and I can help you overcome it. If it is purely mind related we will help you resolve it. Do not worry -first get it examined and then come to me for a session.


Q. I am in Std 12th and was very good in studies till my 10th. I scored above 80%. Now I am total opposite. I passed my 11th with only 76%. I need your help since I am unable to concentrate on my studies. I always get nervous when I open my books. Because not a single topic is clear about chemistry and physics. I want to score good marks. My board exams are starting from 1st march. Please tell me what to do I am totally blank. I feel helpless. I don’t know how to answer. How should I study as time is very limited?? I want personal guidance.

Ans. You can never be blank as you have studied the subjects the whole year around. Of course you may not feel confident of your knowledge and your preparations. But the knowledge is there in your mind as you have studied something at least during the whole year. First relax and calm your nerves. Memory tends to vanish with worry and fear. So a calm mind works better and brings back the memories. You could still take some lessons from a teacher on the subjects of chemistry and physics for a few days. You still have time and many times the proper usage of time is the main factor in studies and not lots of time on hand. You should focus on selective reading and exam oriented study. All students take a calculated risk by choosing some chapters and leaving out some chapters. You may leave the difficult ones and focus on the easy ones. If you use all the 24 hours of the days that are left for only studies you will pass. Study on a war footing Even while sleeping think of your subjects and nothing else! You are sure to succeed.


Q. I am a second year student of engineering. I passed the first year somehow but the second year is difficult for me to pass. My mind is blocked with fear and exam is close. I am not going to pass. My parents have good hopes from their only son and that makes my head pain. I feel like running away from home. My parents think I like engineering but it is difficult for me. I feel very sleepy when I open the books to study. Everything is blank and my head goes round. Please advice and help me madam. I want to commit suicide but feel bad for my parents.

Ans. You may not be having an aptitude for engineering and may have chosen a wrong line. You might rethink your career choice. That would be sensible rather than thinking of negative options like running away from your problems and committing suicide and foolish steps like that. Be brave and bold and tell your parents that you might be unfit for engineering and might need to change your professional course. I am sure they will understand. They may not be in knowledge of your problems at all. They may be thinking that just as you passed your first year you will pass your second year as well. After the exams you could come for an aptitude test and counselling and guidance for the right selection of career.

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