“Test your aptitude”- 12 April 2015.


Q. I am in severe need of help. I don’t even know if something is wrong with me or not,
one moment I am the happiest creature, next moment I am wobbling with fear.
I am getting addicted to attention. If I have sent a message, I am literally dying for a reply. I crave everybody to notice me and praise me and regard me as some high lady. Another thing, I have a fear of remaining unnoticed.  Often, when I begin to feel unnoticed, I start acting like a maniac.
This is terrible because popularity was never fascinating for me. Feeling unnpticed never happened because I never cared if somebody was noticing or not. Abd all of a sudden all this, I cannot understand myself. I cannot get a grip of myself, and when I lose control, it is difficult for me to get back. So far, nobody around me has npticed my mental status. And I am a little glad because  if my friends and family came to know about it, I will be very embarrassed. I also suffer from anothet set of problem, I am always feeling vulnerable. I feel like Iam mentally and physically not very strong. There are many bad people lurking around me who will use me for every chance they get. I think this is triggered by the large amount of crime shows I watch, and I cannot stop it because my mother insists and it is difficult to avpid her wishes as she poses an adamant nature.my feeling of vulnerability becomes worse at nights and I am now losing sleep because of it. I am also developing a fear of darkness. I am trying to help myself a lot, but each time I take a step, it sort of backfires and I end up getting worse. I am not able to side with reasons anymore. I can think up different options and their consequences, but I can’t side with any of them. I have no idea wgat is going on with me, but I am need of real lot of help. Please diagnose my situation.

Ans. Yes your agony is visible and so is your desire to seek help and get better. We would need more information as well as the background of your mental state. Also the environment you live in is important such as your family members and their support, their behaviour with you and your friends behaviour with you. What lead to this situation is another aspect to look into as a state like this does not develop suddenly or in a few days time. It takes many months or years to get into this. You have neither mentioned your educational levels and your age which is also a significant aspect. Please come a few sessions of counselling to enable us to understand and help you regain your confidence and composure. In the meantime do relaxation exercises and positive thinking. Calm your mind and introspect.


Q. I am confused as to what should I take in 11 Std. I am good in Maths but not in science. I don’t like social studies but am good in English. My parents want me to get into science and get into engineering. I am nervous about my future. I am an average student and they have high expectations from me. Please guide me. I cannot come to Nagpur as I live in another state. I cannot talk to my parents as well. What should I do? Please help me.

Ans. It is normal to be confused about the choice of subjects and the best career line for you at this stage. Most students face this dilemma and there is nothing to worry about. The biggest tension could be about making the wrong choice and suffering it. Another cause for concern is the expectations of parents which many times is unrealistic and not in accordance with your inherent talents. That leads to forced choices which turn out to be wrong and disastrous in the long run. We have scientific methods of measuring your aptitude, your interest areas and your personality traits and then suggesting a few options to you. For that you can take the aptitude test and the counselling for career selection and guidance. For students who reside out of Nagpur we have an online aptitude testing facility on my website which you can avail and the counselling can be done through telephone. Relax and cheer up!


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