To err is human – 30 May 2010


Q. I am from small town of Chhattisgarh. I have given exam of 8th semester B.E. My problem is career related although I have completed my B.E. I didn’t like it. In fact I am fascinated about workings of subconscious mind, spirituality, hypnotism, remote influencing, meditation, brainwave entrainment and affect of emotions, feelings on human body. I have searched on internet and read several e-books, articles especially of Joseph Murfy “power of your subconscious mind” free courses of Jose Silva, super mind evolution system, Leon Edward and many more still I like to know more about highest limit of human mind. Is this a mere curiousness to improve my life or it is all a part of psychology. Should I pursue psychology or tell me any career regarding these fields. Because I have now to decide something for future something concrete I have vast collection of pdf files of self improvement, a few brainwave entrainment audio like alpha mind control and I am amazed that it works. So please give me guide line for my future should I go for further studies in human psychology or join any public sector area. Waiting for your guidelines. Reply soon.

. It does seem that you are interested in the area of mind and parts of psychology. Some areas mentioned belong to the subject of para-psychology which means beyond psychology. Doing degrees in psychology would involve many more years if you ready for that. You could also consider a career in Human Resource Development (HRD) by doing an MBA with HR. You could develop yourself in that. Consult me for further discussion. 

K.P.A (via email)

Q. I am 21 yrs old girl in a relationship with a guy from past 3-4 years. The guy belongs to a not well educated family and therefore faces problems from their side. On the other hand I belong to a well educated and free-frank family so I am not able to understand and support him as he does not share his problems. My problem is that I cannot control my anger and he says that he suffers a lot from this. He is not happy and satisfied from me and is incapable to meet my demands and his family. I have tried to make him happy and control myself but all in vain. I am in great dilemma now as to what to do because he says we should break off. I need your advise.

Ans. The relationship seems to be strained due to the differences among you two. He is being honest and practical when he suggests that you may break it off. Sometimes when there are too many issues to handle and the stress becomes continuous it is better to cool off and re-think things. In spite of trying hard if things are not becoming favorable then nobody is to blame. He may be right that you should break off. Another option would be to consider counseling for sorting out the differences and learning the skills to handle relationships better. Make a choice.                                                                                                        

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Q. I am 23 years old girl. When I was 9-10 yrs old there was another girl in my colony. We did some wrong things with each other(not sex).Both of our mothers came to know about this. Some people in my colony also came to know about this. I am so embarrassed by this that now a days I feel like committing suicide. This thought has been bugging me very often. Whenever I have an argument with my mother she mentions the same issue. I have made my mom feel ashamed. I don’t know what was I thinking before doing such things. I am from a very good family and I feel the pain in my heart. Even when the most happiest thing happen to me, this thought make me sad. I also feel scared that what if my friends come to know about this. I was never like this. I never was attracted to the same sex. Please help me madam. I am begging you. Please help me.

Ans. When young we all make mistakes that we feel regret and feel ashamed of. No one should be punished for life for such matters. Your mother should forgive you and support you in facing the public instead of taunting you. Everything has to come to an end one day. Mistakes too should be buried and forgotten once the lesson has been learnt. To err is human. Stop thinking of suicide and forgive yourself for the past. Decide to be a good girl hence and look forward to the future.

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