“Treat the stress soon”- 16 September 2012


Q. I’m currently pursuing B. Com from RTMNU along with it I’m preparing for CA.  Nowadays I’m unable to focus on anything. I just feel like shouting on everyone around. My behaviour has changed immensely. Earlier I loved to hang around with friends but now I feel like staying alone all the time. I find myself useless and helpless. What should I so? My studies have taken a back seat and all sort of negative feelings are making home in me. Please help me.

Ans. You seem to be under stress for some reason. Find out the reasons for stress and you may get many answers to your problem. There is a possibility that you be finding the course of CA tough or boring and this may be leading to symptoms of irritation and low self esteem. If you have a dream of becoming a CA and find that crumbling you would naturally face disappointment and frustration and loss of self image. Analyse your negative feelings and you would be able to understand yourself better. Otherwise seeking some sessions of counselling will help you understand yourself and gain back the control and the happiness. If it is not related to studies then look for reasons among your friendships or your family.


Q. I am feeling very tired and with no energy to do things. I go to work but do not feel like working. I drag myself to do things which I find boring and uninteresting. What should I do? My family is worried about me and they too keep telling me to do this and that and that irritates me more. They shout at me at times and I am going mad in my head. Please help me. Do I need psychiatric help?

Ans. Such symptoms happen when in depression- the mind feels constantly tired with low energy to do things, everything seems a herculean task and the world seems boring. Request your family to help you by understanding your problem and taking you to a psychologist in your city for counselling and psychotherapy. Shouting and getting irritated with you will only aggravate your symptoms and make you feel worse. The condition that you are experiencing that ‘I am going mad in my head’ needs immediate attention. Please do not wait for the condition to pass for all this must be going on for some-time already and it will only increase and not decrease. You may be helped with psychological therapy alone and may not need medicines at all. But that can be decided only after a diagnosis is reached. So cheer up – if there are problems there are solutions as well.

Anonymous, Amravati

Q. I love a girl in my college, she is smart and active and always standing first. I like talking to her but she avoids me and does not talk nicely. I cannot tell her my feelings but she knows I think. My friends tell me that I should tell her my feelings and be honest about it. I am scared. What if she rejects me and hates me for it? I will be broken then and will not be able to face her. Please guide me the best plan in this situation.

Ans. Since she is a topper and smart as well in many ways you might have to match up to her standards to draw her attention. Just loving a person may not help you qualify for her attention and love. Of course you have succeeded in attracting her attention as you state that she has an idea of your feelings for her. You should make an assessment of her likes and dislikes and her ideas about making friendships with boys before you approach her. Gather some information about her from her friends and classmates. As you rightly state that the possibility of getting rejected is high if she has high standards of judging people and you may fall short of them. If you have the guts to accept rejection and humiliation then go ahead and try your luck. Or else take care of your reputation and your image and go slow with the idea of making friends. Just be casual without revealing emotions and enjoy her company. You may succeed finally!

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