“Treat your depression to stabilise your moods”- 1 Septemner 2013


Q. Few things enlisted below happen to me and I am sure you will help me to get rid of it.
I am very much introvert, unable to socialize with people. I don’t understand how to start conversation, what to say, how to greet, etc (whether a person is a stranger or a known relative or an elder, younger or of my age). I am very much talkative when my parents are concerned. I lack confidence, am short tempered, the moment I wake up I am horrified mostly with no known reason, in my dreams I find myself always in Danger! Everybody feels that I don’t behave as my age and also not mature enough. Self motivation is just not my cup of tea. Hence, usually I am depressed mode (happening from the past 6-7months) and mood swing frequency is very high.

Ans. It would help you to consult a psychologist as soon as possible as you report not one but many symptoms. As far as social skills are concerned we train people in learning how to communicate effectively and carry on conversation smoothly; but you seem to have a lot of anxiety, depression and mood swings as well. An initial psychological evaluation would help to assess the level of your state of depression and then we would suggest the plan of action.


Q. I am an 18 year girl. My problem is that my face is bigger than my body. And my body growth is very weak. I am in very depression regarding my body. My height and health are like a 14-15 year girl. I want to be like other girls. My face cut is good but my body does not match with my face. Please help me.

Ans. You could consult an expert in physical fitness and take her guidance. They can help you with weight gain and with physical strength. Height is something nobody can help you with- that is given by God. Request your parents for help from experts. You could also consult a psychologist for your mental distress and stress due to this. With good diet and exercise you might be able to solve your problem.


Q. I have tender hearts. So I get emotional quickly. I am in love with a girl from past 6.5 years. My problem in relationship was communication factor. I was in 9 standard at that time and I was very afraid to talk to her at that time. So I could not talk with her at that
time. I got frustrated so I send her friend request on orkut. But stupidly proposed to her on orkut site. She got angry as expected. But due to our mutual friends I got her mobile number. But she told to stop sending messages and calling her. And said sorry for not talking with me as we have spoken less. But still we had 15 minutes long talk in phone. And finally she reciprocated her feelings on 2009 Valentine’s day. She have taken photo of me in 2008 valentines day. She also was very frustrated because we hadn’t had decent conversation in school. Due to immaturity I kept on calling and texting her till she changed her number because I got into severe depression and was on verge on committing suicide. She always told me to make new friends and stop concentrating on her. She cares for me a lot. But due to communication factor our relationship is complicated and we can’t be together because
due to respective career we are in different cities now. She is in Mumbai and I am in Nagpur. Mam what should I do? Astrologers say that I would have love marriage. And I am very serious about her. I am still in touch with her. I want to do anything to make her happy so that I can see her cute smile which makes me crazy. Please reply Ma’m.


Ans. When the friendship is mutual where is the cause for concern and confusion? You should keep in touch with her on phone and have your share of happiness. Since you need to respect her wishes- if she does not like messages on phone stop doing that. Listen to her carefully and understand her needs. Just be friends first for some more time and improve your communication. Communication can always be improved and understanding can be developed. You tend to worry it seems and fear losing her. Relax and continue the effort in better communication. All will be well like your astrologer predicts. Best of luck!

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