“Understand the consequences of your behaviour”- 3 August 2014.


Q. I cleared my 10 board this year and I am planning to take PCMB group but I am getting a bad feeling about maths as I am really bad in maths. I am preparing for PMT and I want to join civil services. I think if I take PCMB group it will become difficult for me to concentrate on pre entrance exams. I will have to put in extra effort to study maths. My parents won’t let me drop maths because they think it’s important for civil service exams and I am not able to understand what to do? Please help me out. What should I do?
Ans. This is seen to be a common dilemma among 10th pass students. Parents and students want to be doubly sure that all the streams are open to them after 12th Std. According to me this is because of faulty thinking and improper understanding of your aptitude and goals in life. The matter is in fact simple if looked at logically. If you are really bad in maths as you state then you should just give it up and the studies will rise with the standards and you will find it yet more difficult. Secondly if you are keen on medicine then it is proper for you to drop maths. As far as civil services are concerned I have two things to say about it. One is that you could work on your reasoning ability as the UPSC exam may need that ability. Secondly, I am of the opinion that if someone is seriously interested in becoming a civil servant and has all the qualities required for it all you need to do is a graduation and not a professional degree of the order of medicine. You ‘waste’ public money and also deprive a deserving student of a seat in medical college. Either be a committed doctor or be a civil servant. And of course drop maths by all means.


Q:  I was bright student till 1st semester of engineering, now I am getting failed in all semesters. Why is this happening? Till 1st semester I was studious girl, and doing studies regularly, but now I just get irritated to study more. Whenever I try to study, I am getting different thoughts. My aim is very high but only in thinking. Actually I am very frustrated, what to do? I want to complete my degree in distinction and then my IAS dream but my interest in studies is going on. Please help me.

Ans. A session of counselling will help in identifying the reasons for your irritation and your ‘different thoughts’. You can try to analyse your own mind and identify the mental blocks that interfere in your studies. Keep up the high aim and clear your mind of all different thoughts. If you cannot help yourself let us help you. But clear your time soon enough before it gets worse. A stitch in time saves nine we say.


Q. I am attracted to a boy in my class. He also keeps writing letters to me and keeps waiting for my letter. I am very scared of all these things. I am a good student and always do well in my exams. My parents have big hopes for me and I too want to be someone great in my life. Please believe me I never did bad things in my life ever. I am shocked with myself. I am very confused and do not sleep too whole night. Please help me madam. I don’t know whom to ask. I love my parents and I am very scared of them too. But my mind is always distracted and I am not able to concentrate on my studies. Please help me. What should I do? Please tell me what to do.


Ans. With age come many complex emotions leading to distractions. Instead of being scared of yourself and your parents it is better to understand the facts and control your mind, emotions and behaviour. Do not ‘do anything’ any behaviour that will land you in trouble. Boys will try to distract you and some/many girls will indulge in it too but it is always better to focus on your priorities in life. A wrong step now may be regretted later. Humans have intelligence to understand the consequences of their behaviour and therefore are able to check themselves. Be wise. Be calm. Ignore attractions.

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