‘Use your logical mind for solutions’-18 February 2024.


Q. I am a teenager, a few months ago I was fully addicted to porn and browsing porn related websites. I somehow have tried to stay away from it, but still it’s very difficult as these things have become so common (you get condom packets on roads, tv add) because of this we again get addicted to it. So please suggest some solution.

 Ans. Once you are addicted to something it takes a tremendous amount of energy and determination to give it up but it is certainly not impossible. Since the mind automatically goes out to those things you are addicted to and tends to pick them up from the rest of the environment, you have to develop an interest in something more powerful than it to avoid getting trapped. Attention is always selective and addiction works on auto-reflex. So, what is it you can substitute it with? Find an activity or idea or hobby that seems to attract you and develop that. Stop this engagement completely and get out if you want to.          

Ravikant D.

Q. I recently moved to Aurangabad for a job with a higher salary, but I’m feeling bored and missing my hometown Nagpur. Despite the better income, I’m unsure about staying here. What would you suggest I do in this situation?”

Ans. You need to weigh the pros and cons of the job in Aurangabad and Nagpur. What are the benefits of the new job and what the benefits of staying in Nagpur? Also have a look at your long-term goals of career and personal life. What do you want to achieve in the next ten years? Where do want to go with your career growth and financial earnings? What are the markers for success for you personally and for your family? Do not make drastic moves out of an emotional state of boredom or loneliness. Nagpur is your comfort zone and will always be. Think hard and clearly and put the points on paper and then decide.


Q. My exams are soon coming and I am not concentrating. My parents are worried and keep scolding me for this and that. They don’t allow me to go out, meet my friends, talk on mobile, see TV and what not. They even wake me from sleep and start saying only one thing, ‘study, study and study’. I have become allergic to this word. I am a mental case my friends tease me. Please help. It is not a joking matter.

Ans. Find out the reasons for your lack of concentration in studies. Is it that you find a subject difficult or find it boring? Do you have all your study notes and books ready? Have you revised all the chapters at least twice during the year? Do you have a disciplined routine and study habits? Are you in good physical and mental health? Is your diet nutritious enough to give you energy? Do you exercise physically and meditate regularly for calmness and peace? Remember studies is like meditation and cannot happen if things are not right and in their place. Organize yourself and your study materials and put yourself in the right gear to prepare yourself for the examinations. Do not give excuses to yourself and do not procrastinate. Time is precious. No point in failing and wasting a year in the same class. Do your duty and get going with it. Nobody deserves to fail and nobody can fail easily unless you have been grossly negligent! You will certainly pass.

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