“Psychogenic pains are real” 3 March 2024.


Q. My exams are going on and I am very much in stress. I cannot sleep as bad thoughts come and wake me up. I am very much in trouble. My parents support me and do everything for me but my mind is unstable. Do I need medicines? Can I come to you? Do you help online? I need help please.

Ans. Yes, exams can be a tough time and a challenge for students. I can help you online and offline both. You do not need medicines at the first go but after I meet you we will evaluate the situation and advice accordingly. You can mail me or call me on the number 98230-73986 for an appointment. Meanwhile try some breathing exercises, such as exhaling out breath, abdominal breathing and also some simple mind relaxing exercises. Also try physical exercises such as jogging, skipping or brisk walking. It will help you release toxins from the mind and body.


Q. My lower back hurts and have pains in different parts of the body. I read recently that pain can be due to psychological stress. I went to the doctor and he said everything was fine with me. I have two children and a job to maintain. My marriage is okay but not happy. We are a so-called good couple by my friends. We used to fight a lot before some years but now we don’t. He sticks to his work and I to mine. Should I need counseling? Can we go online as I stay in another city in the next state.

Ans. Yes, pain has many causes- it can be due to a physical ailment, or due to a psycho-somatic disorder or purely psycho-genic in nature. When the mind suppresses emotions and does not express what it wants to express, it can convert to psychogenic pain. Emotional disturbances have to be taken care of and resolved in some manner. You have to work through the emotions and settle them with understanding and expressions or forgiving and forgetting them. But if they remain alive and bubbling, they may boil up into a physical manifestation and mimic a disease. Pain is one of them, as there are any number of symptoms that can come up. Online sessions are easy and comfortable.


Q. Please give some advice on how to stop my parents from advising me all the time. I am a grown-up girl and have got a good enough job. But they go on disturbing me by this and that. They think this is not the best job for me and I should change it and look for another. It is not easy madam to get new jobs I tell them but no success.

Ans. This is a difficult situation as majority of Indian parents are just like that !! It is a cultural trait for parents to keep on advising and not allowing their grown -up adult children to think and decide for themselves. They feel they must guide you all the time so that you do not make mistakes. They do not believe that making mistakes and learning from them is part of the maturing process of life. You could use some polite methods of putting them off. Listen to them gently, do not react but do as you feel best! Tell them to relax and not worry. Politely switch off the phone as quickly as you can. Rebelling and arguing may not help at all. Try sharing as less as possible your problems. Try not to hurt them but calm them down.    

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