“Work heals all wounds”- 22 July 2012


Q. It is quite strange for a girl to fall for two boys at a time. I am having the same problem. My friends keep telling me that two of my school mates like me. I am in a class lower than them. I have noticed them looking at me many times. And I have started to grow feelings about them. But, I know it is wrong. I am young for it and I just don’t want to waste my time in these useless things. But, whenever I study or hang out with my friends, I find it boring and I start to think about the boys. I just want to keep them out of my mind. Please help.

Ans. I am very happy to know that you are thinking in the right direction about such issues. I am glad to know that you consider such things as useless and do not want to waste your time in such activities. I wonder why you find your studies and your friends boring when you should be having fun with both studies and friends. You must learn how to create fun and happiness in your life and learn how to cheer up your moods. You are again right about your mind getting diverted when you feel bored about other things. So when you learn to enjoy yourself you might find the boys boring who only stare and do nothing better than that. Life is vast and knowledge is endless. Explore it and enjoy it. All the best to you.


Q. There are a few questions which have been bothering me constantly. I lost a very important person in my life last year and since then I have been very disturbed about death. I have negative thoughts constant fear for safety of my dear ones and myself. I understand it is a natural process but accepting the fact is very hard. Although it has not affected my studies and life in general, my mind is never at peace. I don’t understand the significance of existence if things have to end and I’ve realised that actually nobody has the answers, people just distract their minds and continue their lives, but at times I am unable to do so and its frustrating. Can you help me out?

Ans. Life is a gift of God and we like to make the best use possible of our talents and our abilities which are again gifted to us by Him. It would be a waste to sit and brood about issues for which there are no answers. Each individual leads her own life- when she will be born and when she will exit from life is decided by forces beyond our control. We do not decide to take birth and neither do we decide to die. What we can control is our moods, our work and contribution towards society. Remove all fear of others safety –each one is taken care of by their own destiny. We can only do our duty and do it well. It would help you to stop brooding about the past or the future and live in the present. The best way to do that is to set small goals for the day and work on them even if you do not have the mood for it- just do it. Also think of some long term goals for yourself regarding your personal life and your work life and start working on them. Nothing heals more than work –immerse yourself in it. Also correct your attitudes and learn to be happy whatever may be the situation. Time will heal all wounds. Remember life is a beautiful gift.

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