17 January 2021 “Career planning should start early”


WD, Bilaspur.

Q. I am a student of first year college and I am confused about my career. I have taken Commerce but I feel it is not my line of choice. I don’t know what I want to do and I never enjoyed my studies in school. I was more of an outdoor person enjoying meeting people, sports, games and parties. My father is a businessman and wants me to join the business and therefore asked me to take Commerce. I seem to enjoy traveling photography and seeing new cultures. I truly don’t know what I am supposed to do with my life. Can you guide me, because now I am beginning to worry about me.

Ans. Well, I am trying to understand you and your dilemma. This happens to most people who are not sure of a career path because you have not discussed this very important aspect with parents seriously over the years of high school. The process should begin from std 8th where through brainstorming multiple options should be thrown open for discussion. Anyway, nothing to worry as you have a business background which provides a safe cushion to you to explore opportunities. My suggestion would be to continue doing commerce for the sake of a graduate degree and along- side enroll for hobbies such as diploma in photography and continue playing games or a sport of choice. it would be a good idea to work for a few hours in your father’s business for you will learn the ropes. You could later in life start your own business in photography, events or anything else of choice. This is the time for skill development as well as personality growth. If still unconvinced come for a session on career guidance.

RT, Amravati

Q. My husband was working from home all these months and things were fine. Last month he lost his job and suddenly feels depressed and angry with each and everything. He gets irritated with small things and tends to take it out on children and lately on me as well. I understand the situation great well as I am educated and sensible person. It is now beginning to bother me as he is ill -treating the children who feel scared of him. I have to manage the house the children’s education as well as his moods. I have tried talking to him seriously about it and try to explain that things will be fine and he will find a job soon but it all seems to go waste. He now spends most of his time with his friends outside the home doing what I don’t know perhaps drinking alcohol. He was a social drinker and occasional smoker but now the frequency has increased. Does he need counseling and how should I bring him?

Ans. Yes, he would be helped with counselling. He seems to have taken the unhealthy path to solving his problems. There are healthier ways to finding solutions to difficult times. You may suggest that you both start a small business for income generation to begin with. Brainstorm to throw up ideas to work on. You can try for a job according to your talents and skills and ask him to help in domestic work. In- stead of treating it as an ego issue, he should try creative problem solving. It is important to bring home money to feed the children. Motivate him to seek psychological help and guidance.


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