“Adoption is the best option”- 30 September 2018


Q. I am a graduate in agriculture in 2014 & after my graduation I had prepared for competitive exam and also face the two interviews of sub-inspector but not selected in final. Now I have just married & after married I have join private sector but I am not satisfied with this. Please suggest what should I do?

Ans. If you are a graduate you have many options ahead in life but it all depends upon your aims and goals for future and what are your likes and dislikes. There are always many roads to success-if one road closes many other doors open. We need to have an open mind and look for opportunities. But this happens only when you know what to look for. Most times we are stuck with a few ideas in the head and that blocks out all other options. You could, for example, seek a post graduate degree (online courses) or else do short term value added courses. You could redefine your goals and look for progress there. A session with us can help you with guidance in your future career for it will help us explore the dimensions of your personality as well as opportunities suited to you.


Q. I have been married since ten years now. We are a happy couple and have a good life. The main emptiness in our life is not having a child. I lost one child after conception and tried again. But we don’t know why God is not blessing us. I have tried to convince my husband for adoption but somehow he seems nervous about it. What will be the background of the child and all sorts of things? We are growing older and I am getting impatient about it. How can we help this process and is there a way out? What is your opinion about it?

Ans. Adoption is a noble action. An orphan or destitute child is in need for a home and a couple is in need for a child. The adoption agencies do a wonderful job of matching children with a parent before finally giving away the child. The best thing for a childless couple is to adopt a child and make it one’s own. I can understand the fears and anxieties of your husband for most couples go through this emotion of uncertainty. The most important aspect in child rearing is the training and cultural exposure given by parents to the child whatever may be the background of the little one. There is power in the love and care parents give. So rest your fears and adopt a child but first convince your husband of the need to do so. A session of counselling may help him rid of his fears and open his mind to brining in a child that will multiple your happiness manifold.


Q. I wanted to do science and engineering but I could not concentrate and got poor marks. Now I am stuck with graduation in science and that is not my dream. What should I do? I don’t want to do this but would get into BBA. Want your advice please?

Ans. If you desire to do a course in engineering, you should not give up so easily and try gain for the entrance exams for engineering. You should continue with your enrolment in science and also appear seriously for engineering one more time. There are two possibilities, either you will succeed in the exams or you will fail again. If you fail twice, then it could be possible that engineering is not your cup of tea so to say, even though it may be your dream. Accepting that, you could continue with your graduation in science and after that pursue MBA. Instead of enrolling in BBA now, which is a precursor to MBA, it would be better to do science and top it up with an MBA. This combination is more attractive to the market for it gives you more scope in science based industries. Do not despair for there is enough scope in this world for all types of people and professions. Sometimes you may dream of something but something else may be in store for you. If the confusion persists I would encourage you to seek a session on career guidance with us. I wish you well always.

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