“Anxiety and panic can be controlled”-20 November 2011


Q. I am a student of B.E 3rd yr/5th semester. My exams are going to start from 8th of December. I am damned confused. I am having 6 back subjects from my old semester. I am not getting anything –how to study. Now I have to give 11 subjects. l cannot concentrate and I cannot sit and study for even an hour. My mind gets diverted to other useless things. I am having vast energy inside me but the direction of flow of energy is in wrong way. I was the topper of Maharashtra but situations changed 6 years ago. My condition is bad and even passing is difficult. My class teacher has asked to go to a psychologist but I never bothered. Please help me out of this as I have less time.

Ans. I am sure you must have analysed your dilemma and your series of failures after being a State topper. One possibility is that you may have chosen the wrong line (engineering) and may have had an aptitude for some other career. Now that you have struggled till third year it would be better to complete your degree and then make another choice at the Masters level. First make a choice of a few subjects that are essential for you to get promoted to the next term. Then make manageable daily goals of the quantity of chapters that you must study to pass. Also calm your mind, pray, meditate, do not think of failures, think positive about passing and work at it. You tend to waste a lot of energy worrying. Use that energy in study. Come and see me if it does not work out.

M.R, Chandrapur.

Q. I’m suffering from panic attack symptoms for last 18 months. In between I was totally cured after taking a tablet. Now for last one week again it has started. I feel like sitting on a boat and have the feeling I may fell down while walking. I get temporary relief if I take the tablet. Please advice if there is a permanent cure of this problem or I have to live with it throughout my life. Please help me.
Ans. Counselling is very helpful in analysing and controlling anxiety and panic. There has to be a reason for its onset 18 months ago. In counselling many times, identifying the causes is more than half the cure. Psychical conflicts and underlying emotions create mental conditions of anxiety. But this is a process that requires sessions over a period of time. Meanwhile you could try meditation and relaxation exercises and yoga as well.


Q.  I am 24 year old and have completed my MBA and am working in a good company. My problem is I don’t feel happy. I feel that everything and everyone gets on my nerves. I have become very short tempered. I have become very aggressive. My tolerance level is also low. I also feel unexplained headaches and stomach pain regularly. I feel that I am suffering from depression. Please help me out.

Ans. Yes, most of the symptoms do look like depression. You would have to get treatment either through psychological counselling or through medicines. But first we should try counselling and then after evaluation go for medicine if required. Meanwhile, try to relieve your stress factors by identifying them and solving them. Calm down your mind, try not to react to small issues, do not get angry, relax and do exercises and think positive. There are many methods to de-stress.


Q. I am in depression since’10 due to breakup with my girl friend as I had intimate relations with her. Such things make my life hell since then. I need your help.
Ans. Perhaps you have a lot of guilt in your mind which makes you feel depressed. Or the loss of the relationship can also make you lonely and aggrieved. You do not mention who broke up the relationship? Anyway, after the break-up trauma people have to work on healing the wounds and try to move on with life. Put your energies in some creative pursuits. Also avoid staying alone for too much time. Seek out old /new friends and renew your lost friendships. Engage yourself actively in hobbies, pastimes or friendships. If nothing works, do seek counselling soon enough.

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