“Assess your personality type for career choice”- 26 August 2012

Jayant K

Q. I am doing Engineering from Nagpur University and this is my last year. After that I don’t know what to do after graduation. Should I do M. Tech or MBA? Please tell me.

Ans. This is a good question and you must do a lot of thinking before deciding it. the decision entails a good understanding of specifics like your future goals, your interests and your personality type. We measure the type through a personality test or take the information by talking to you and then it helps us decide the best course for you. a session of counselling will do the task of helping you take a confident decision and you will be surprised with the results!


Q. I am a bright student of 12th. There is a girl whom I like. She also likes me. One day she held my hand and it felt good. Till that much. Now she too is a bright student and that’s why she was made the head girl. From then her attitude towards me has changed. She is now not talking to me and ignores me. No calls at all. I’m very tensed. Even she didn’t wish me on my birth day. What should I do now? I’m slowly inculcating a feeling of hatred towards her. Please help me.
Ans. Do not allow negative thoughts to bother you such as feeling angry and hostile for a long time. In such a situation you should deal with your emotions as soon as possible by expressing yourself to her and getting over it. Express your disappointment and your anger and let it out of your system. You could first congratulate her on her success of being chosen as the head girl and also assure her of your support in case she ever needs it. Then in case she ignores you like a stranger you could tell her your mind. After this she will express her mind hopefully and you would know your position. If she is not interested in you then you may have to just let her go and wish her well. And then engage yourself in some creative activity or find new friends and interests. Live is to be lived in the present and not past.


Q. I am in dilemma about a guy with whom I am in relationship from a year or so. He is an officer at a private bank, 9 years elder to me. I am a B. Tech graduate placed in a multi- national company & would be joining the firm soon. Right now our salaries are matching & within a year mine would grow & that would always keep growing as I am the best in my work from school. Currently I am working as a reporter in a city channel & that job is also going perfect. Since I am good in looks too my best friend says I will get 1000 times better guy than him. Also, I have been raised up within a lower middle class family & I am craving for luxurious life from childhood. He is a nice natured guy & has no problems with my working after marriage. But somewhere I feel if I want to sit at home after few years he won’t be able to give the life that I am longing for. I am 21 years & he is 30 now, so marrying him would mean accepting pregnancy earlier that would be a hurdle in shaping up my career. My parents are planning to start fetching a groom for me after some 4 years which is practically very sound. I feel when everything is going perfect, why am I ruining my own life by staying into this relationship. However, a thought comes -am I being bad to him as he is sentimentally very much involved with me.

Ans. You have the ability for logical thinking and seeing things through. That is a good quality and what you say makes a lot of sense. The age gap is significantly different and that makes the concerns of life different. You have a long way to go before starting a family and he would be in a hurry to do so. You may not want to get into motherhood soon. Ask him if he is willing to wait for 4 years as your parents suggest. Your second consideration about the socio-economic status is also important and needs attention. It is wiser to think with the head and not the heart and you need not make too many compromises.

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