“Balance studies and sports”- 21 April 2013


Q. I am pursuing my degree first year in bachelor of engineering. Recently my 1st semester results came out and I failed in 2 subjects. Frankly speaking I feel that I should study and score good marks but when I start studying I begin to lose my concentration. I am more inclined towards sports but my parents don’t allow me to play for them playing for even half an hour is a crime. I feel I should make my career in sports and I don’t care about the future. (basically earning money). I know it is very difficult to succeed in sports but I am very passionate about sports (CRICKET). Please suggest me. In life I am a very happy go-lucky person and I enjoy every moment of my life up to its fullest. I am SCARED of just a couple of persons in this world and those are my parents.

Ans. One good option could be to pursue your engineering degree seriously but also find adequate time to play your favourite sport which is cricket. Engineering does not require day and night study and you could find enough time to balance your studies as well as games. For this you need to convince your parents that playing is important for your well being and you would like to play say two hours daily. To convince them you would have to be organised and disciplined to do justice to both studies and sports. If you start getting obsessive about sports and neglect your studies they may not allow you to play. So prove that you are serious about your studies and find time to indulge in your favourite play. To make a career in cricket may be a little late now.

S.K Amravati

Q. Currently I am doing B.E. I just need your little help. My aim is to get placed in a good private company after completion of my degree. But for that I need to have good command over English and as well as very strong communication skills. I am working hard on it. I know I can write pretty well in English but when it comes to speaking, I feel bit scared and hesitate speaking in front of people. English is not been spoken very often neither by our lecturers nor by students. What should I do Ma’am? Please reply.
Ans. The best way to learn a language that is foreign to you is to speak it as much as possible. Also you might try thinking in your mind in English and then speaking it. Practice the art of writing it too and you could also try reading aloud say for example half a page of the daily newspaper in front of someone or to your-self. If you are determined to learn it and get fluent you will do it. Even if nobody speaks it you take the initiative to speak it and others may follow you. Get rid of your fear first and your hesitation to make mistakes while speaking. Best of luck.


Q. I am working in an MNC in Pune as a software professional. I am also involved in teaching soft skill training to fresh associates in office. Now to enhance in the teaching area and move to a different direction from tech I am thinking to do a part time post graduation diploma in industrial and counselling psychology. However I am not sure if this would help me in moving to my goal of breaking into area of personality development and career counselling. I would appreciate if you could help me with the decision.

Ans. Yes of course doing a diploma in counselling and industrial psychology will help you a lot in training and development in the corporate sector. There is a recognised diploma by the ISTD New Delhi which is an online course and quite good. I am not clear about your query about career counselling – helping school children and helping working executives in career building are two different things and require different training inputs. This may be checked with the providers of the course you would undertake. If your aim is to become an independent professional in the field of personality development and career counselling the short term diploma may be inadequate and hence not advisable.

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