“Be discreet and wise”- 21 July 2013


Q. I am an average student of 12th (PCM + C++). I can’t balance my subjects equally because of lack of time management. Maths and physics are quite tough for me please suggest me how to allot equal time for these subjects.
Ans. Make an assessment of how much time you need for maths and physics and for the rest of the subjects. Then allocate the time according to the need for study. It is not difficult. One more thing is if you have to sacrifice on leisure time/recreation time then please do so till next year. Nothing is easy in life and is achievable if taken very seriously. Once you decide that ‘I have to do it’ you can. We have plenty of time actually if you calculate the hours you have after class. Leave out the fun and frolic for some time till you make a career.


Q. I am 33 years old, married working women. I am married since last five years. I am attracted towards a colleague of mine. He is unmarried and 28 years old. During last six months we are working in the same project. I am the project manager and he is the team lead. Since we are the only two heads of the project we have to be in constant touch with each other and have to spend lot of time after working hours also. Since the day I met him I like to stay at office rather than home. Every now and then I keep thinking of him.  Whenever I leave from office I tell myself that its wrong and I will not think about him anymore. But the next day when I return to office I get involved in him. I have not spoken to him about my feelings. My husband is busy with his work from last six months and he has no time for me. Moreover my mother-in-law keeps on interfering in our life. She pokes her nose every now and then. She feels happy when my husband scolds me. When I am at home I try to spend my time with my two year son so that I keep myself busy but I can’t stop thinking about him. Whenever I am in with my husband I am not involved. I do not want to cheat my husband. I cannot leave my job. I have to continue with the same project for another 4 months. I am in dilemma.  Please guide me and help me to arrive at a solution.

Ans. You could wait patiently for the next four months and then make a change of job. Get out of the situation and you might grow out of it after some time. This is one big mess as you have a son and a good husband. It is important to understand where to draw the line in office relationships. Keeping it professional is important and not allowing it to become personal is very important. Take a broader view of life, keep your family goals intact, control your emotions and change your attitude. Striking a balance within your self is crucial. Life is about being discreet and wise. Do not be foolish by allowing emotions to get carried away.


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