“Be proud of your family name”- 14 July 2013


Q. I came to Nagpur from the village after passing the 10th Std. The problem is that I do not like my name. I feel hesitate when my friends, teachers and people pronounce it incorrectly. Due to this my self- confidence goes down and I feel stressed and depressed. Please tell me how to deal with this and to overcome it?

Ans. Yes it can happen to many that you get teased by your name. People are stupid as well as naughty. It would be better to change your attitudes and be proud of your family name. One option would be to change it which also some people do but that would be the last choice. The first option would be to be happy with whatever your family name is and count the achievements of your family. Start talking about the good qualities of your family and heritage and take pride in it. When your friends tease them you could narrate the good qualities in a happy tone or else you could ignore them and just ward it off with a smile. Many times no resistance and no opposition makes them bored of their own humour and it dies a natural death. The more you get teased the more they will enjoy it. So go ahead and face the challenge.


Q.I am a graduate from YCMOU B.Com 49% (2011 – 2013)-this year and I am doing B.Sc (PCM) from RTMNU(doing B.sc from 2008 i.e. 12th pass out 2007 but I have not clear 2nd year yet still after giving many attempts. I was a bright student specially in Mathematics ). Now my age is 24 (male), so I have 2 options- (1)continuing B.sc from RTMNU and MBA from YCMOU (rs.15,300 fees)simultaneously or (2)MBA/MIRPM (part time) from RTMNU ( I have not given CMAT but some colleges of Management/PDIMTR )ready to give admission on college entrance exam with fees 80-40 thousand per year for MBA but for this I have to leave B.sc in between. Also my younger sister (21 yrs) have same conditions and questions. She is graduate from YCMOU B.Com 51% also doing B.Sc 2 year (PCM) from RTMNU(12th pass out 2009). So please guide us what to do at this stage? It’s scope in future.

Ans. I fail to understand why you are doing graduation in science when you have already graduated in commerce? This itself is a case indicating bad career planning. You also mention that you have appeared for many attempts and failed and you are now 24 years and still studying. This is not the way to go about planning a career. You should do MBA /MIRPM from wherever you can afford the fees but you can certainly drop your studies in science. A degree like B.Com and MBA/MIRPM is good enough for a job. It would be advisable to take finance in MBA as your specialisation as you have done commerce. Science has no value for you at this point. If you have more questions please come for a session on career guidance.


Q. I am student of bio- science who recently passed 12th. I scored 58.8%. I appeared for my NEET exam and had a satisfactory score. But as the rank was not that good so I decided to take a drop of 1 year to clear this entrance exam. However, I am appearing for state PMT, but still have to clear NEET exam. Though I have chosen biology as my subject, but I have no interest in medical field. I want to try something different. I have heard of various other courses like hotel management, etc but have no idea about it. Please tell me some good courses apart from medical field that I can do. Please tell me those in which the study span is short as my real interest is in art field so that I can pursue that too. Though I have interest in art field but still want to complete my studies first.

Ans. You sound very confused indeed! You spent two years in preparing for the medical exams and took a drop of a year and now say that you do not like medicine! You ask about courses in hotel management and say that you like arts! And what does this mean when you state that ‘you like art but will complete your studies first’? Please request your parents to bring you for career guidance and planning as I will not be able to guide you through this column. Best wishes.


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