“Become an entrepreneur”- 6 September 2015.


Q.  My age is 25 years, my weight is 45kg (underweight). I have passed C.A intermediate in four attempts. I am unable to pass C.A final in two attempts given by me. I have health issues, medicines are going on. I am financially weak, thus whether I should continue with studies or start earning.

Ans. This is a difficult choice to make. Completing your education and getting your degree is as important as earning your livelihood if your support base is not strong enough. Discuss this with your parents or your guardians and ask them what you should be doing. Is it possible to take up a part time job and also study for the finals? That could be one option if your health permits. That would reduce the financial burden and also help you study for finals. Leaving it totally after just two attempts may not be a wise decision. If you could pass your intermediate in four attempts you will pass this test too. All the best to you.


Q. My friend had completed diploma in computer science in the year 2013 and stopped her study, but now she wants to do further study but rather to go for B.E she wants to do something different, so please tell us what is the opportunity for her which will benefit her.

Ans. She should visit a good computer training institute and find out about the short term advance courses which she could do. There are numerous programs such as computer languages and after completion of these courses she can appear for the online certification exams by good companies like Microsoft which make you eligible for jobs.


Q.  I am mother of two kids, one 5 years and other two years. I have completed my master’s degree this year. My problem is that I married in 2008, since then I didn’t work anywhere. I am staying at home from 5 years. Now this year I am sending my smaller son in playgroup for 3 hours. Now I am looking for lecturer ship or any teaching job for flexible hours. But due to long gap my confidence is lost, sometime I am frustrated, fearing about my future. Due to saturation in scenario I questioned how to start, from where to start? Please help me. I searched for online jobs also I want to earn madam. It’s been long I have to depend on others.

Ans. One very good option is to get self employed. That would need better thought and decision making of course but is very interesting indeed. Depending upon your talents and your interest areas you could start your own little activity and then grow it up slowly. For example, you could start coaching children or tutoring students in subjects of your choice or you start classes for any other activity of you like such as drawing, cooking, hobby workshops, English language or anything under the sun which you can think of. If you have a good friend you can partner with her too. Think about it- entrepreneurship is a very good option when other opportunities are not there. You could contact TIE-Women Entrepreneurs Nagpur which works for the promotion of women for this.


Q. I am in std 12th and I am preparing for Mh-Cet for admissions into medical course. I got 96% in 10 std but now I feel I am not so good with my time schedules. Please help me with the schedules.

Ans. For a brilliant student like you who has achieved 96% marks in 10 std you should not be having problems is scheduling your time in a proper manner. However, if you find it difficult to do so, you might get in touch with us for a session of counselling and guidance. To begin with do keep your mind calm and composed. Do not take the stress and keep studying. Do not get distracted with any other activity such as social media, internet etc. Just stop all that and also diminish your time with friends. That could be done once in a week. You must know how many hours of input is needed daily for you to become thorough with your subjects. Then plan your schedules accordingly. Also keep some time for talking a walk around your house or alternately skipping in the house itself. This physical activity will relieve you of your stress and give you more energy to study. I hope you are eating well with enough fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods which make you sleepy. If you focus only on studies at all times and take good care of your mind and body you will come out tops we are sure! Cut out all the unnecessary activities from your daily routine.


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