“Beware of failures and frustrations”- 1 March 2015.


Q): I am an average student of class 12 in the commerce field. I have chosen IP subject and dropped Maths. I am studying at a not-so-popular CBSE school in Nagpur and have been preparing for CPT exams for June 2015 at a reputed CA coaching class since last year. I have completed standard 10 from a very reputed school of another city with 8.5 CGPA. I don’t belong to a very popular business family, which wants me to pursue CA after 12th but I don’t want to do that in any case. I have found that I’m interested in subjects like business studies, languages, computer science, psychology, philosophy, mythology and the like. I am good at painting, poetry, public speaking, writing, event organizing, presentation making, A/V editing, GK and related subjects too. I am terrible at maths. I have done several non-certificate courses in these subjects. I dream of establishing my own business empire in future with little job experience. Hence, I would like a career which defines my skills and helps in starting a business. I like learning new things and I am confident that whatever I do, I will be successful. I am a day-dreamer; I am soft spoken and have a creative bend of mind. But my family sees no future in other courses apart from CA/CS and related courses. I am confused as to how to convince my family and the problem is what UG courses should I opt for and from where should I pursue them? My board exams have begun but I am worried about dates of admission, applications, entrance in popular colleges for UG courses. Please tell me how to convince my family to opt for a certain college for me, for my UG and PG.
A): You have many interests and many talent areas and should choose the course that leads you to your long term goals. Since you do want to do business in the long run, and also would like to do something which has a good earning power, you could think of business studies as a career. You could do the relevant courses at the graduation as well as at the post graduation level. Computer science would have been an excellent choice but you do not have science at the 12th level. The other subjects you have mentioned make good hobbies and can make good career choices too but it depends on your long term goals. A session of career guidance and counselling will help us know your aptitude and your personality characteristics to help you make the best choice. However, do not opt for CA if you have no interest in it. We could help counsel your parents too about the entire process of career selection. A wrong choice will only lead to failure and frustration.


Q): My story goes thus… I was studying in Hyderabad and was good at curricular and extra-curricular activities. In class 10, I secured a 9.2 CGPA, after which I thought of moving to Nagpur to pursue my class 11 and 12. After I joined my new school, I lost interest in studies almost after a week into it. And from class 11 to 12th pre-boards, the story did not changed. I really want to score good marks in the same way in which I used to score in class10. But I get distracted a lot. I do plan things but when it comes to executing them, I fail miserably. I’m a bit lazy too. Please help me; I’m in class 12, commerce field.
A): We must help you analyse the reasons for your drop in motivation levels after shifting to Nagpur. The reasons could be in the subjects you have chosen, the friends you have or don’t have, family issues, issues with parents or something going wrong with your mind. Sometimes depression can set in slowly without significant symptoms. It is rather unusual for a good student to suddenly lose interest in studies like the way you have mentioned. There may be things you are not revealing in your query but are aware of them. A session of counselling will certainly help you identify and rectify the state of your mind as well as your studies.

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