“Break the inertia soon”- 5 June 2011

K. R

Q. I have done Engineering in Computer Science in 2008, but still I don’t have a job. Also my Parents always criticise me and say I’m a failure in my Life. These things make me uncomfortable and I used to get into fights with my Mother and sisters every day. I feel as the whole life is a burden to me and others. I don’t get success in anything I do. I don’t know what to do and how to lead my life. Please guide me.

Ans. An alternative for you is to take any job that comes your way. Since you are unemployed for too long a sense of failure is natural and the criticism from parents is also natural. So get going and take whatever the market offers you. Once on the job you will realise opportunities coming your way. Staying at does not help as you don’t meet people and don’t know the market. Three years is a very long time. You could have joined a course of higher studies like M. Tech or M.B.A or any small term certificate / diploma courses. This inertia of yours has to be broken and the sooner the better.


Q. My 12th results have not been that good. I have passed overall but failed in maths. I wanted to pursue engineering but it doesn’t seem to be possible right now. I wanted your advice whether I should drop for my 12th percentage improvement and engineering or I should go for other career options I would be eligible for as my percentage is 70.

Ans. Maths is the base of Engineering, so therefore if you are weak in Maths and have failed in the subject in 12th, then perhaps another choice of career should be made. What should be the choice is difficult for me to tell you without meeting you and learning the details. A detailed discussion would be required to help you make the right choice. A session of guidance is important. You may repeat 12th if you are confident about Maths and actually understand the subject well. Otherwise it may be another futile effort.

Q. I am doing B.E. I have a speech problem. I tend to speak fast especially when I’m nervous or excited. When I have lot to talk about or when my throat is dry then I rush through the sentences. With some people I speak normally and with some people especially my family member I speak fast.
When I’m relaxed I speak normally. I’m now going in 4th year, so
recruitment will take place this year. GD, PI are important part of that.
Whatever GD,PI I have given, they were poor. I couldn’t speak properly.
So I want to improve on this. I consulted a speech therapist, he said that it is psychological problem. Is this psychological or just a speech disorder?
Ans. It seems to be a psychological problem. The speech therapist has checked you and given his verdict. When you are relaxed you speak normally means that you do not have a speech disorder but a psychological problem. There has to be a history to the onset of the problem and there has to be some emotional issues in your mind which create the obstruction in speech. Please consult a psychologist and you will see the results.

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