“Take up the challenge”-20 October 2013


Q. I am a student of std 11. I was an 90% and above scorer in my school days. But nowadays I’m scoring low in my tutorial exams. Due to which my parents nowadays go on taunting me which irritates me. In their every sentence they mention my low scores. Which just leads to
my depression resulting in increased stress. I want to prove them wrong but they just keep on making me feel that I’m worth of nothing. It hurts me a lot. All these years wasn’t I a good ranker but now they have started treating me as an idiot. I’m not an idiot and this
word drives me mad and I start crying and shouting which results in fights and the whole blame is always shifted on me. Why is this happening to me? I want to control my anger and just want my brain all silence. Day and night they keep on making me realize my mistakes. It
irritates a lot. I feel like dying rather than hearing their words. Please suggest me something.

Ans. This is not fair and proper on the part of your parents. They should know that irritating your mind will only add to your stress and lower your motivation. This is really unfortunate as the role of parents is to be supporting and understanding. It seems that they are very angry with your negligence (if that is true) and allowing your marks to go down. You must analyse the reasons for your lowering of marks whether you have not studied enough or you have chosen the wrong line of study. For if you are in the wrong line please change it now before it is late. Wrong choices can also lead to lowered performance. Ask and request your parents for an aptitude test and career planning session. Let us be clear that your choice is correct. Secondly take up the challenge and calm your mind. Relax and tell your parents to give you some time. Show them your good results next session.


Q. Currently I am doing graduation in engineering in another city away from Nagpur and I completed my diploma from a college in South. Because of this I found myself irritated from my parents that’s because I did not want to come to this city for my for B.E. I wanted to do job at that time (now the joining date has gone) because of this matter I am not able to concentrate in my studies and I don’t feel like to be at home. This depression has also affected my health that I could not have my meal properly. Please help me out.

Ans.  You should have insisted on doing the job if that is what you wanted. But also consider the positive side of completing your education before you get to work. Work is addictive and often we see that people find it difficult to start studies again once they start to work. Once you start earning money going back to being a student becomes a task. Your parents may be right that finishing education is a better idea. If you do not like to study at home join a hostel in the city and be happy. Many students opt for that. If you are unable to reconcile with the degree programme then please do drop out and find another job. But think seriously about all the options before you do that. All the best.


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