“Career confusions”- 21 February 2016.


Q. I am studying in B.Sc final year. I am so tense for my future. As I am studying in final year microbiology, so what is the scope after doing M. Sc in applied microbiology? Or please give me any other suggestions that what should I do further after B.Sc. Please help me.

Ans. There is lots of scope after masters in applied microbiology in the field of health, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and environmental microbiology. There is scope in food borne diseases, food safety, food production and contamination control and also environmental laboratories. Of course the option of teaching is always there. If you wish to change your line then please come for a session of career counselling. That will help clear your doubts about your interests and your goals in life and make the best choice.

O. K.

Q. I am a student of Engineering and I have changed my branch from Electrical to mechanical but there is again confusion in my mind that my decision was right or wrong? Is there scope in mechanical to do research or lecturer-ship.  My interest is in mechanical but some subject like drawing is difficult to
understand. I am good at some subjects. My question is any scope in mechanical for me?

Ans. Mechanical and electrical both are core branches and hence are always in demand. All types of industries need such engineers. Both are good branches and if your interest lies in mechanical then you have done the right thing by switching over to it. If you are not interested in industries but in academics and research, then too there is scope in these areas. Teaching is always a god option and so is research. You might look the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) labs. It’s a governmental body with many research labs under it all over the country. It employs engineers and scientists and pay well.


Q. I am a regular reader of your column in Insight-The Hitavada. I am a
young, dynamic lady working with a renowned company and left. From
many years I am dealing with a relationship problem but I still managed somehow to handle it until now. But now it is putting me in serious depression and getting me in Alexithymia condition. I have a faith that I can still be able to handle it but again the same depression gets dominated every time. Madam, every individual is different with distinct qualities and distinct emotional behaviour. If I discussed my problem with you then how will you able to understand me as I don’t know you and don’t know me. Then how will you understand things in my subconscious?
Ans. As trained psychologists we have procedures to make a diagnosis and then proceed with therapy. We might use certain psychological/ personality tests to evaluate associated symptoms and get a broader view of your other traits of your personality. We then use the talk therapy as well as cognitive therapy to understand your specific situations and the difficulties ensuing. We can do a lot of other things like skill development, relaxation methods, identification of different emotions etc. Perhaps if we treat your depression your symptoms of alexithymia might diminish. We are able to understand the basic human emotions which all people experience in their lives and work on them. You may not be devoid of feelings and their expressions but may have difficulty in becoming aware of them and expressing them properly. The unconscious mind throws up signs and symptoms in present behaviour since it an active storehouse and not a dead one. There are ways of understanding the subconscious or the unconscious too.  A session or two will help you know if the effort is worth it or not. You will not be disappointed I can assure you humbly.


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