“Matured enough to make a choice”- 28 February 2016.

Golu, Yavatmal.

Q. I am student of B.A. 2nd year of Art Faculty. I am bright student and also hard worker. Madam I want to become a successful person and I have to do something better in my life but now-a-days I am facing a big problem. One of the girls loves me more than I. I like her very much but I can’t love her. Whenever I am trying to avoid her she cries. Now she told me that I am only friend of you but she behaves like a lover. Actually I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t want to hurt her. Please help what I should do?

Ans. You are in serious trouble and my advice would be to not get entangled in such a situation. She may be a good girl but she is showing immature signs in her behaviour. She is acting like a lover you say and she cries for your attention and begs you to befriend her. She is not sound in her mind and is very immature. She will make your life miserable and is likely to spoil your efforts in career making. Your mind will get embroiled in her tantrums and her demands and you are likely to lose your focus. You seem to be a serious minded boy with high aims and aspirations. That is exactly what you should do and get out of this. Do not feel sympathy towards her and say you are sorry and cannot help her. You don’t love her you say so do not take responsibility of her well being. Tell her to see a counsellor or tell a teacher to take care of her or ask her that you will meet her parents as the last resort.


Q. Myself MBBS post graduate aspirant student. I am in tragic condition these days. My parents want me to get married soon as they think my age is more now. I am 27 yrs old but main problem is that they want I should strictly get married in caste only, no inter-caste allowed. Even though there are not any good MD/ MS candidates. I told them about one of my friend who will get admission in PG soon after counselling in next month and I want to marry with him as I know him very well since 2-3 year but they strongly opposed me as he is of other caste. I tried to convince them but they are not ready to hear and even tortured me by physical violence. I want to get married as soon as early as possible. What should I do in such condition? Please help me out how to tackle this condition.

Ans. You seem to be old and wise enough for take your own decisions. You are a qualified doctor and an adult. When you can work as an independent professional and help patients you can certainly make a choice of your life partner. Taking parents along is very important and you should try to make them agree with you but if they do not agree then your choices become limited. You either listen to them and compromise with the man of their choice or you can exercise your right to decide. This depends upon your friend too and his family whether they are able to accept you in their family and the fact of the level of the commitment of your friend. 27 years is a mature age and right time to get married.

T. P

Q. I am currently going to give my 10th Board exams. I am interested in both science and maths. Should I take PCMB in 11th Std or is it going to be tough for me? Please advise.


Ans. Generally, you should be able to decide whether you want to pursue maths or biology in the long run. Besides seeking admission in 11 Std you might have to join coaching classes for the entrance exams. The entrance exams and the coaching for biology related course and maths related courses are different. How will you join two coaching classes along with 11 Std? It is advisable to select one discipline and go ahead with it in full steam. If you have doubts then a session of career counselling will be extremely helpful to make the right choice. Taking PCMB is certainly a heavy choice.

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