Changes in behaviour are significant signs – 20th October 2019


“Changes in behaviour are significant signs”

AB, Jabalpur

Q. My son aged 10 years old does not go to school for last 15 days. We have tried everything our common sense told us to do and have not succeeded. We consulted our family doctor and he also said nothing was wrong with him. He refuses to go and complains of stomach aches when we force him to go. The doctor says he may be having some psychological issues. Do I need to come to Nagpur for counselling? We will have to take leave from office and come for treatment. Does he need treatment? Is he having a mental problem?

Ans. Yes, it would be better if you bring him to Nagpur and we can talk to him in person. Counselling is a safe method for treatment and he does not have a ‘mental problem’ as such but certainly an emotional problem as we understand it. Behaviour can get affected and blocked with negative emotions which gets generated in a normal human process. Something must have happened in school with a teacher or with his class mates that has upset him. Sometimes the perception also gets distorted and disturbs the mind which again impacts the mind. We need to find out what is making him fearful and anxious and once he opens his mind and speaks out, he will begin to feel better. You could come on a Saturday evening -please call a week in advance to take an appointment. He will be fine and well.


Q. I am working in an office since 6 years and I like the place but now I get irritated each day and my colleagues are telling me to see a doctor. I don’t know why I remain irritated and unhappy all the time. When can I come for counselling? How many sessions do I need? Am I going mental as they are telling me? This increases my tension even more. My wife is also noticing these changes in me. Please help me get back my peace of mind.

Ans. You would need to identify the reasons for the changes in your behaviour/personality and that actually would be half the problem solved. There are many finer nuances of the mind which need introspection and analysis such as negative thoughts, negative emotions, lack of coping responses and indecisiveness which can lead to disturbances in behaviour. If all are noticing a change including your wife and office colleagues, then you will need a few sessions of counselling and the sooner you start the process the faster will be the recovery. Don’t worry too much- call us for an appointment. Leave the rest to us.


Q. I met someone on the FB and we clicked instantly. I like him and he likes me a lot. Now he is wanting me to meet him by coming to his city which is far away for me. I will need money to travel and stay at some place. Should I do it and am I doing something wrong? I fear my parents and they are very strict people. But I am confused very much. Please guide me.

Ans. You know very well what I am going to suggest to you and I think you need someone to strongly tell you so. Your friends may be tempting you to do so and of course the boy is insisting quite a bit. What baffles me is why the fellow is not taking the initiative to travel to your city to meet you? It is easier for a boy than for a girl to make this move as boys have more mobility surely. There are certain lurking fears- suppose this is an entrapment? He may exploit you in some way and supposing there is a group of boys backing him to do so? Then you will be in deeper trouble. Going to an unknown city alone and staying in a hotel and having an unknown boy visit you in the hotel where you are staying (he is going to insist for that), smells of deep danger. This thought should put you in high alert and stop your plans to even give it a thought. Just say a clear NO and end the dialogue on FB. That should put him off your track and he might be looking for someone else! There are people on the prowl on FB looking for preys! Be safe and healthy- you will find a good boy to make friends with. Forget this one.


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