“Choose your career intelligently”- 20 July 2014


Q. I read your articles in ‘The Hitavada’ and I got to know about you. I am a 12th std student. I want to do medicine. My father is not keen on medicine and wants me to engineering. He wants me to do engineering and then MBA. I have taken both the subjects and find maths difficult and boring. What should I do?

Ans. Since it is your life you should pursue what you are interested in and have an aptitude for. However, many times parents have a reason for suggesting a particular course for their children and sometimes it is just their fantasy and dream of their child becoming this and that. Talk to your father frankly and ask him why he suggesting engineering. If he gives you reasons that apply to your life and your personality then you might reconsider your decisions. If not go ahead and convince him that that is what you want to do for your vocation. Nowadays parents are quite liberal and open minded about career choices for their children


Q. I am a 11th appearing student. I filled the bifocal form and got a college but it is away from my house. So, I didn’t want that college. I talked to a Principal of another college and she said she can give admission in PCM with IT with Biology/Hindi. Everyone said I should take biology but now I think biology will not be so easy and I don’t want to take Hindi. What do you think should I take biology?

Ans. Subjects are chosen only when you when you want to pursue that course. If you want to do medicine or biochemistry or microbiology and allied courses then you need the subject of biology. Otherwise you should drop the subject and retain PCM. Generally students should not take bifocal for the load is too much. This calls for more serious career planning. A session will help you clear your doubts before you commit yourself to a course. Clear your confusions first- being totally clear helps.


Q. I am 21, recently graduated from a premier institute in Central India. I am jobless at the moment and have searched in all leading job portals and even applied in as companies many as possible. I haven’t received any mail regarding my application status from them. My parents are hell bent to en-roll me in M.Tech program in a private college, even though I have mentioned several times that I am not keen on doing it at the moment. I want to work in a reputed company and I am just being patient and waiting for a response from anyone of them. But my parents don’t want me waste my time sitting at home. (I over indulge in my favourite hobby reading novels).This situation is stressing me out and I am unable to sleep properly, I have tried to convince my parents that I am not interested in doing M.Tech at the moment, but failed miserably. I don’t know what do. Sometimes I feel like ending my life though I don’t have the courage to do it. Please help me.

Ans. Well, the situation could be frustrating for both you and your parents. The best way is to take whatever job is available in the market whether it matches your educational qualifications or not. That helps a lot in connecting to the marketplace and meeting people and networking. Sitting at home may not help. Forget your ego and get into whatever is being offered whether it is marketing or banking sector or whatever. You will realise your dreams but in the long run. Short term compromises have to be made by a majority of aspirants. You could also think of being self employed and becoming an entrepreneur or if nothing else appeals to you listen to your parents by enrolling for post graduation in engineering or else you could do an MBA. Most companies are looking for a management degree after engineering. Think about it or else come for a session of career counselling.


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