“Your achievements matter the most”- 13 July 2014.


Q. I am a class XII passed student (passed 2014). I have given pre-medical tests but the results are not so pleasing and with them. I would not get admission in any medical college. My class 12 % is also not so good just 73%. I am interested in studying arts with public administration as my subject but with so less % I am not going to get any good govt college. My aim in life is to pursue my career in civil services. My % in12th got down because of my selection of subjects (pcmb), I was never interested in maths but I took risk and finally the results are not so good for this competitive world. I don’t know what to do- whether I should take drop and get coaching for PMTs or not…if not then what should I do. Please suggest as I am getting stressed.
Ans. Considering your interest in civil services, I would suggest you to do your graduation in the field of your interest and prepare for the entrance exam of civil services at the same time. If you are not interested in the field of medicine then I do not see the reason for pursuing it. Before taking a final decision, think thoroughly about the kind of studies of these fields and the overall working conditions in these and then you match it with your preferences in life and your personality. If the confusion persists you can come for a career counselling session which will give you a clearer idea of your aptitude for various career options.


Q. I am 32 year old since nearly 10 years I am undergoing depression. I am very talented but I always compare myself with others as I have grown so much in age but I have not grown with mind and body. My friends make fun of me in work place they put me down as I am never promoted how much I work hard but I am put down. With this I feel I am good for nothing what to tell I am full of tension cannot face strong people and if any on better than me I lose my confidence in study also as I always got less mark I am now a religious but they all put me down I want to do something but very much unable coz no vigour only sadness any one say or ask me I cry, cannot stop crying want to get away but cannot feel people make use of me. I am writing to you as I see you guiding many young I am very fearful hope to get helpful reply from you.
Ans.  First of all you should never underestimate yourself and compare yourself to others. You admit that you are talented but perhaps what you lack are social skills and handling people and your image. You cannot protect yourself well enough from bullying by colleagues and others. People are very nasty and like to bully and tease. You need to learn some social skills and improve your social behaviour. Take a few sessions of personality improvement training with us and your depression will vanish.


Q. I am an avid reader of your column and I read it every Sunday and right now, I think You are the only hope to my problem. Lately I have been getting this sick feeling about my shorter height. I have not considered it a big deal in my teenage years but now, seeing my fellow mates who are already 5. 11 and 6 feet above, I feel so dwarfed from inside. I am 5. 7, 19 years old weighing 65 kgs . Please tell me if there are any exercises or medical aides that can help me get taller. I tried searching over Internet but it didn’t help.  Ma’m please help me.

Ans. You seem to be getting into some sort of anxiety problem and should get rid of this symptom soon enough. You should start thinking positive about yourself. Things we cannot control should best be accepted as gifts of God and things we can change should be changed. So therefore change your attitude and your thoughts towards yourself and your life. Accept with a calm mind your body and its features. You must love whatever has been granted to you by your parents and by God and learn to be happy in all circumstances. Many short people in this world have been excellent leaders in their fields with big achievements. Yes, it’s your achievements that matter and not your height or your nose.


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