“Have clean and healthy friendships”- 22 June 2014.


Q. I have read your articles in Hitavada newspaper. I need your opinion -actually I have recently passed my H.Sc exam with 91%. I was also a 10th merit with 97%. My dream is to become an IAS officer. I want to be selected in my 1st attempt itself and I am ready to do any kind of efforts for that. I am thinking of doing B. Sc in order to focus on UPSC exams during my graduation itself but my parents and all those I have met (my relatives) told me to do B.E and then UPSC because they think that UPSC is a toughest one and if I failed then I will be only a M. Sc. But if I did B.E first then it will waste my four years unnecessarily because I don’t want to work as an engineer. My parents love me a lot and their concern is obvious. Please guide me. And one more question is if I am able to study for UPSC during my graduation.

Ans. Of course graduation in science is enough for meeting the eligibility criteria for UPSC. There has been a fashion for quite some time to do professional courses and then go for the UPSC for double security as your parents suggest. According to me this is an absolutely wrong trend as by doing engineering or medicine you spoil the seat of another deserving candidate and also waste public money if you study in a government college especially medicine. A good candidate aspiring to become join the administrative services should do a simple graduation in any stream and study hard for the competitive exams. You are sure to qualify with your single minded devotion and dedication. You should devote a few hours daily for the exams while doing graduation.

Deepa. K

Q. I have some problem regarding my professional life. I’m working as a lecturer in some college and also pursuing second year M. Tech from different college. I’m not able to manage this two  task properly and I don’t want to leave my job, because of some reason, but the environment here is too bad, people over here are too selfish they doesn’t help each other and some more things, because of this I get irritated and I remove my frustration on my parents. And after doing this I feel very guilty of what I did. Please guide me what to do- I don’t like my this attitude I was not like this before but don’t know how I developed this kind of  attitude in me.

Ans. Yes it is difficult to manage two heavy tasks. You should calculate your given time and the work that needs to be done and then prioritise. You could take study leave before the exams. Every college allows that. As far as changing attitudes are concerned, do not expect anything from anyone as your life is your responsibility and has to be managed by you. Each one manages their own lives to the best of their ability. You cannot base your aspirations on other’s help and goodness. Please keep calm, prioritise your tasks and take leave when exams are near.


Q. I am a 16 years old girl just completed my 10th std. I am having a boyfriend one year completed (with lots of breakup). I love him very much and even he do! Actually the problem is that! We both kiss each other but never did anything else. Can I be pregnant? I am very scared because last month I didn’t got my period and yes it has happened before also I missed my period for two month then I had taken some medicine and I got it. I am having thyroid and even a hormonal problem and I am fat too! Please help me -I am feeling like committing suicide.

Ans. Physical closeness is just not recommended before maturity. You will not become pregnant by kissing so rest assured. Do not think of committing suicide at any time. When in trouble seek a counsellor. Periods can be missed due to many reasons and one of them is stress. Worry, anxiety and mental stress can cause irregularities in your system. To lead a peaceful and stress-free life, keep away from all types of foolish behaviour. Have clean and


healthy friendships.

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