“Choose your career wisely”- 23 November 2014.


Q. I’m a student of class 11th. I’m preparing for IIT JEE. I’m a quick tempered and quite weird person for others. I’m a dunce in studies. I love science very much. Especially physics. I used to hate maths till 10th, but now, I’ve slowly started to like it too. I was weak in it. I’m still weak in it, in fact even in science. I can’t accept the concepts what the teachers teach me, or what I read in books even. If I concentrate on my studies, I have my blurred concepts. If I don’t, I get scolded by the teachers. They say I ask too many questions, even if I don’t study enough. My friends call me psycho, and I sometimes doubt if I’m an abnormal person. I’m burdened with my parent’s hopes and sometimes, I think of killing myself. I had even made a foolish suicide plan, but I couldn’t execute it. I’m afraid that the institute I’ve joined for my coaching will throw me out next year. I’m very depressed and I can’t tolerate anymore. I’ve no one to share my worries. I fell in love for the first time in my life with a girl I used to hate most, and what bothered me most. I used to weep alone, regretting for leaving my school (and also her). I feel sleepy all the time, but not at the time of sleeping. I can’t understand what’s wrong with me.

Ans. Your condition does seem very stressful and disturbing. I could help you with your aptitude and your career planning and also with your depression. They could be linked too as failure in studies impacts the students mind seriously. Preparing for IIT entrance and your parents expectations for the same is putting heavy pressure on you since you find maths difficult and manage it somehow. Please request your parents for guidance in studies and career. They should agree. I will take care of the rest.


Q. I am in 3rd year doing my engineering. The problem is to go to 3rd year one should have 1st year complete and in 2nd year 6 maximum 6 subjects are allowed. Unfortunately in 2nd year I got 7 subjects back that too some subjects with 2 or 3 marks and I have done provisional admission to get in 3rd year. I can’t face what people say about me I can’t face their eyes which stares at me and because of that I become weak. I was thinking to do suicide I know that’s wrong. Please tell me what to do.

Ans. The best thing is to clear off the backlog in stages as per your stamina and continue to make efforts in this direction. For that first keep your mind calm, positive and determined. Then make a plan of studies and seek the help of parents or a teacher. You might take an extra year to pass your engineering if you find all the backs impossible to clear all at once but that should be acceptable to you. Instead of thinking of ending your life think of the lessons you have learned from the past failures. Analyse your weaknesses and plug them. Change your attitude and your habits. You will pass your exams.


Q. I have a 24 year old daughter who has all the symptoms of NPD OR Narcissistic personality disorder. I have read all I could about the disorder and have tried to deal with the situation to the best if my ability but it is very difficult. I would like her to get therapy, as I am afraid for her future if she carries on like this. My question is do you deal with narcisstic cases or do you know any person specializing in these cases. I would be highly grateful if you could tell me where to get help for this child.

Ans. Yes of course we deal with all types of personality disorders and NPD is one of them. Kindly bring your daughter to us for a proper evaluation and assessment. Once done we could start her therapy sessions. As a mother you would also know why she has developed such a personality? This helps to know how you should behave with her in future.


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