“Complete your studies”- 30 November 2014.

C. k

Q. I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student. I’m very confused as far as my career is concerned. I took up engineering with a view that I will get to learn something new, something innovative and creative. But, it seems neither the teachers are interested in imparting knowledge, nor are the students interested in learning something new. Everyone here is interested in earning good grades. No one is interested in the “out of the box” thinking. It is not the case with only my college. Almost all colleges (except the IITs and NITs) are manufacturing engineers, but with no quality. When I realised this, I was very much disappointed and depressed. It is clearly visible in my grades. A once topper student scoring just passing marks is not acceptable. I sometimes feel like quitting engineering. But, I can’t. Because my parents and my family have hopes from me and I cannot disappoint them. Now I do not enjoy engineering anymore. I’m merely completing my degree. I’m very confused as to what to do in life. If not engineering, then what? I’ve given this thing a serious shot. A friend of mine suggested me to become a counsellor. I’ve realized that I’m good at motivating people. Also I’m interested in this psychology stuff. But I’m new to this field. I don’t know anything about it. So, I need you to guide me. Can I study psychology after completing engineering? If so, then what options are available with me? Which courses should I do? Which are the reputed institutes for these courses in India? What is the course duration? Is there any specialised course in “child psychology”? If so, then please let me know. I hope you will help me and give me proper guidance.

Ans. There is confusion in your mind about getting a degree and working as an engineer. Even if you have not enjoyed your course due to poor quality teaching you might enjoy working on the floor. You would have chosen engineering due to your interest in that area and your aptitude. I would advise you to not get de-motivated with your studies and look forward to working in the field or doing a further post graduate course in a good institute that would revive your interest in engineering before doing a job. Changing your career line is fine but serious psychology requires at least seven years of training if done properly. Another easy option could be doing an MBA in Human Resource which puts you in touch with people and their concerns. A session of counselling will help you clear your doubts.

S. K

Q. I am studying in 11th standard and I am interested in Computer Science. As I want to do my Graduation in Computer field. Except Engineering, I don’t know any Bachelor degree in Computer Branch which have also scope . Except RTMNU, I want to know the other good Universities and as I am not interested in Engineering. So Please help me.

Ans. You could opt for BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) three years duration and then MCA two years duration which is equivalent to computer engineering but have separate institutes for it from engineering colleges. There are many private institutes in Nagpur and all over the country for these courses. You have plenty of choice.


Q. I am student of Engineering Third year Mechanical Branch. I am not so well in studies and fear of further schedules. My all papers of Engineering has been clear except Mathamatics1 from 5-6 attempts of first year because of that my all schedule and focus has totally drastic. Mam and I am not getting exact solution whereas I have to focus and not found interests what exactly I want to do.  Please help me and tell me the solution.

Ans. You have difficulty in one paper only. The only way to clear your paper is to work hard and revise the lessons as many times as you can. Read and revise them several times till you understand the subject. Find a good tutor who can clear your concepts and make you pass. Remove your fears from your mind, relax your mind and concentrate on your studies. Maybe you have chosen the wrong line for yourself and feel stuck in your studies. Since you have progressed to third year you might throw in all your might and finish your course. It requires hard work and dedication. The bright side is that you have a deficit in only one paper. You must complete your course.


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