“Discussion versus domination”- 19 March 2017.


Q. I have recently completed my 12th board exams with PCM. I am very much interested in the subject human psychology. I want a doctorate degree in this subject. But is it possible as I have not taken biology? Please let me know the actual procedure in detail and also the best colleges in Nagpur.

Ans. You do not need biology for doing psychology. It’s a subject of humanities and you have go through doing graduation course with psychology honours or as one of the subjects. A doctorate degree in psychology leads essentially to a teaching profession. If you want to practise as a consulting psychologist then you need to do a different degree programme called an M.Phil in Clinical psychology which is done after an M.A in psychology. There are choices in the field of psychology which we can discuss face to face. A session will do good to know the details of options available.


Q. I’m a Mechanical final year student. I was forced by parents to do it. I am depressed very much. I had interest in politics & social work. I am also working for a NGO. I want to work with UNO. Can I become a diplomat there? So please guide me what I should do to get there.

Ans. Becoming a social worker and becoming a diplomat are two different things. You can register as a volunteer in the many projects run by the UNO in different fields. Kindly look up the website of UNO for details and procedures. It would be advisable to complete your degree and then search for options.


Q. I am preparing for banking exams and it’s been 2 years of preparation and the results of ibps po will be around the corner, this time I do expect results, but there is always a negative thought coming in my mind, that what next? what if I do not get through, what will I do then, will I end up doing nothing out of this. Please help me out this situation there is family pressure also.

Ans. I am sure you will succeed this time in the bank exams. You should have a back up plan for doing something else if you do not succeed. That could be taking up a job wherever it is available and whatever is available. The work experience always helps in cracking exams. You should keep trying in your efforts for the exams but also sensible to take up what the market offers. It is better to be under-employed rather than being un-employed.


Q. I am 19.5 years old. I am forced by my parents to go for medical. I want to go for mass media since I have found that it is where my interest lies but my father threatened to cut me off financially if I do so. He even asked me to leave the house. My mother who earlier supported me, also followed my father as she doesn’t want to listen to his criticism. They believe there is no scope in the field and I’d have to end up working for private companies whereas they want me to have a stable government job. I already took a gap year because of this. They refuse to let me follow my dreams and send me to the best colleges in my field. They say if I go in the field I want I’ll have to do it in the city itself, which doesn’t have top colleges. I feel sad all the time and feel like dying at times.

Ans. This is unfortunate indeed. They want you to do a medical course and take up a government job. This is actually what most parents would dream of for their children. But unfortunately all children are different in their aptitude and talents and interest areas and hence have other dreams. You are right in wanting to do media studies and pursue your dreams. I hope you are clear and sure of your choice. It might be a good idea to come for a discussion in career guidance. We might want to know the mind of your parents and their insistence for medicine and govt. jobs. There might be some logic in their rigid approach. It is too much domination to say that they will stop your education totally and not allow you to leave the city for studies. They threaten you with the stopping of funds. Please bring them once at least.


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