“Do not follow the herd”-9 June 2013


Q. I am a 12th Std pass out with PCMB. I am highly confused as what stream to go for. I have given various medical entrances but I know I won’t qualify. I was never really interested to be a doctor. My final aim stands to be an IAS Officer. I have a keen interest in literature and psychology but as we belong to a humble middle class, my parents want me to go for something more lucrative. Please help and tell me if I can get an appointment by next Monday?

Ans. You would need to do serious thinking on career planning. If your ultimate aim is to become an IAS officer then any graduation will do and English literature and Psychology seem a very good choice. If you are not interested in medicine as a career please do not try for it. You have already made an attempt by appearing for various entrance tests and may not qualify you feel. You could also consider doing graduation in science since you are a science student and then appear for the competitive exams. The administrative services make an attractive career as you serve the nation as well. If your parents are still not convinced about it please call my clinic at the numbers given below and fix an appointment for career guidance.


Q. I am a B.E first year student. I wish to change my branch. Presently my branch is computer science. I don’t have much interest in it but just because my cousins who pursued their B.E from C.S field and are now doing jobs in renowned IT companies, suggested me to take computer science as it will be easier to enter into IT field. But since 10th std I wished to opt for electronics and communication (EC). So I am quite confused whether I should change the branch? And which branch to choose? Is EC better or electrical as latter is a core branch. What will lead me to higher prospects? 
Ans. Never follow the herd. This ‘herd mentality’ has ruined many a careers and many lives. Each person is talented in different ways and that is the beauty of the theory of individual differences. Nobody is alike not even twins. So you must choose whatever interests you and hence makes you happy. You should be original. There are market considerations but that is not the absolute truth. Also remember market forces keep on changing and by the time you qualify things would have changed again. Making such a long term prediction would also be fraught with doubts and uncertainties. So nothing to worry at all and go ahead and choose whatever you like.


Q. I am 17 years old and I have passed my 12th boards. I have appeared for NEET but I have got marks in boards viz in physics-35, chemistry-45,and in biology-46. It is known that in NEET you must have 50 percent in PCB, now I am so much disturbed and suffering from severe headache. I am just want to do only MBBS and not any other course. Please help me out by this tension I am not able to sleep.
Ans. Please keep appearing for exams until you succeed. Of course one can always appear for two attempts and if you still fail to get admission you might change your career line or opt for allied courses. It is not advisable to spend too many years getting admitted at the graduation level. If you require more than two attempts then it could also mean that you may be unfit for the career even though you are keenly interested. The interest has to be backed up by aptitude too. You should start thinking of other options too in case you do not make it the second time. Your parents need to be consulted too for their opinion is important as you would need their support in whatever you plan to do.


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