“Follow your passion”- 28 June 2015.


Q. I am a 24 years old BE graduate and “visharad” in “Indian Classical Music” as a vocalist. I did engineering at the insistence of my parents, though I was unwilling to pursue this course as it was affecting my music practice for which I was committed and I was rather interested in going for classical music. Still today I am doing preparations for various competitive exams just to appease my father’s expectations but unable to put my heart into it due to my inclination and intense love towards music and somewhere I feel my father wants to see me as an officer as well for fear of receiving societal sarcastic remarks, at the same time I also want to fulfil his expectations but it seems to be very much hard to me as I find myself in music all the time, as a result of which I am unable to put in great efforts in either fields. On the contrary I want to devote myself to music for my entire life. What should I do in this situation? Please help me get out of it. I need your precious guidance.

Ans. It’s wonderful to know that you are passionate about music. Most people are not fortunate enough to know what they love doing. It’s a gift to you to know your dream and that you want to pursue it. Success and excellence lies in precisely this state of being. Since you are already a ‘Visharad’ in music and have also surprisingly done a degree in engineering at the insistence of parents I suggest you should feel free to pursue whole heartedly your passion of music. You should plan your career well in the field of music by setting clearly your short term and long term goals and get going with it. Beating around the bush would not help at all. You should just go for it. All the best.


Q. I have studied till 10th here in Nagpur and I have completed my 12th from Andhra and scored 93.7% in the boards. I have appeared for JEE mains and didn’t get qualified. I got 61 marks in it. I belong to OC category I want to do CSE. I like CSE branch the most. Should I take a year drop and attempt jee mains in 2016 or should I join an engineering college now? And please suggest if my choice about the engineering branch is right or not. Waiting for your reply.

Ans. It is advisable to move ahead by seeking an admission in a college rather than spending another year repeating the whole exercise. Computer is a great branch if only you are suited for it. There is a particular aptitude that is needed for programming and if you have that it becomes easy for you. Be sure of that before you take the branch.


Q. I am a 22 age guy I have completed my graduation from this year. During the graduation I am very stressed and no one close to me. But now I feel relax and preparing for civil exam. I want to socially be with people. So give suggestion to makes friends.

Ans. It is good to have social skills and you will need loads of it if you get selected in the civil exams. It can be learnt through training. If you are serious about it you could seek an appointment with me and we could chalk out a programme for you. It is a systematic training module which you would enjoy and be successful in developing the right kind of skills that you need. To begin with, start taking the initiative in greeting people and asking them simple questions about their welfare. Learn to ask them simple questions and try to make simple comments too. The next step could be done in the training sessions.


Q. I have passed 12 std last year with 76% marks. I took a drop to prepare for medical but am not sure if I will be able to make it or not. So I want to pursue my career in psychology if not medical. Can you please guide me about career in psychology the courses regarding it.

Ans. The first requirement is a graduation with one of the subjects as psychology. If you can get an Honours degree in Psychology it will be good for you. Then do a post graduation in Psychology and then after that you would need to specialise with an M.Phil in Clinical psychology. Please come for a session to understand the exact details. It is difficult to put out all the details here.


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