“Fortune favours the brave”- 9 March 2014


Q. I am 18 years old girl. I was chatting with a guy from 3 months. He’s in my college and tuitions also. Previously I was very much addicted towards our chatting. Actual he had break- up with his ex girl friend. Now he says that he’s in love with me but I never felt like love by my side. At the same time he says that he is not confident that his feelings for his ex might return. What should I do? Please help me.

Ans. You have to be careful that you do not get hurt in this process. Normally people take time to get over their past break-ups and the chances of their old for each other love re-igniting is also there. So be careful how you handle this friendship. You should seriously consider your feelings when you do not ‘feel’ the love from his side even though he says that he loves you. So watch out for a confused mind for he may be hanging on to your friendship in the rebound. After break-ups some people may look for consolation and sympathy and shoulders to cry on. They may also look for reaffirmation of their lost self esteem and confidence in the company of other friendships. It would be advisable to not get too close and neither to commit to him for a longish time till you get better vibrations and also find him healthier in his mind and manner.


Q. I am an MBA passed out candidate in June 2013 and since that period I am unable get a proper job and from last two and half months I have no job and it create lot of laziness in me and disturb me and it seems all are moving forward and I am remaining back, as my friend circle is not more than two friends and no body to share my views and emotions. Please give some solutions.

Ans. It is always best to get into any job that is available and not wait for the proper job to come your way. It is important to take up whatever is offered to you even though it might be below your expectations for that has many advantages you may not be considering right now. Any job gives you experience, keeps you busy, fetches you some pocket money, gets you a platform to meet new people and a ground for knowing the market place where offers for others jobs will come your way. Sitting at home will make your depressed, induce laziness, disturb you emotionally and lower your confidence. Leave your ego at home and start working anywhere whatever comes your way. Try it and see how life treats you. We know fortune favours the brave.


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