“Positive thinking and actions lead to success” 5 June 2022

Q1. I am 36 year- old, I often fear certain things in life such as casual events, gatherings, also I sometimes feel that someone is holding me back. My relationship with my husband is pretty good but still there are certain things that make me fearful. I fear death, I sometimes think that what will happen if I die suddenly, what will happen to both my kids, I have gained so much of things, relationships, they will all end suddenly and I question myself what’s the use of things I gained in life when at the end they will all be finished with me. I feel anxious and drowsy certain times. Many times I get palpitations, I blackout sometimes. I did practice meditation and yoga but it didn’t help me this well after covid-19 decline. My husband and my family is worried about me. Ma’am could you please suggest something and help me out.

Ans. It seems you have developed symptoms of anxiety disorder which needs proper treatment. It first needs an assessment followed by psychotherapy and relaxation training. It might need regular sessions for a period of time which will help you manage the symptoms. You should immediately consult a Psychologist as the first step. You will be fine I can assure you.

Q2. I am in class 11th, I am PCM student. I have opted for PCM thinking that I would do engineering or mechanical. But with time I feel I am not interested to study and focus on this, I have my classes for JEE and other entrance examinations. My parents are worried about me a lot, they constantly keep me asking what are my goals, what do I want to do in future and lot many questions. I feel that I don’t want to continue with engineering and I feel that I would want to shift my career options to other things, but I don’t have idea that what could be possible career aspects in my interest. Could you please help ma’am.

Ans : As you are already in your start of 11th, you will be passing out in another year. You will then have to make choice between your preferable career options. What are the subjects you are able to grasp easily and enjoy learning. Also write down your hobbies, what kind of things you like to do in your free time. When we talk about making career choices we should chose the right path as we will be doing our job for rest of our lives. It is therefore important to choose fields or make career in things you like to do. Another thing I suggest is to go for aptitude test, so that you will have clear idea what things you like, have interest in also after that you will also know what all career options you have with you. We can help you with the aptitude test and future career guidance and planning.

Q3. I am 18 years old , I have a habit of overthinking  , I feel that all my friends are selfish and mean , I feel that everyone is using me for their benefit , I have lost my bond with all school friend , I cry sometimes a lot , I have only few people I talk with and only few friends I trust and talk with , I often get irritated with small things sometimes I feel motivated and sometimes I feel low , I sometimes think that I don’t care what people think but sometimes I think that I do care for others around me what they think what they don’t , suddenly I feel left out also I have become arrogant and  rude  than before , please suggest something I could do to help myself .

Ans: Overthinking and imagining situations with your friends and people around you is what you are describing as your disturbed state of mind.  You think people avoid you and you don’t have good friends is another reality of concern to you. Well sometimes a simple solution is to this complex situation could be that you get yourself engaged in some activities and make a list of things you love to do, get into action mode. Start exercising and mediation it would help you to keep your state of mind calm and with time your could have a clear vision of things you need in life and things you want. Also focus on yourself and career, if you start focusing in yourself and not focus on what others think of you it would help you to develop and grow. Let people avoid you if they want to for once you succeed in studies and career everyone gets attracted to you. Your positive actions combined with positive thinking results in success.

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