“Know your Aptitude”-18 February


Q. I am a student in class 11 and I have taken science stream in Nagpur. I am a bit confused regarding my studies and my decision to move in science as I am not able to concentrate on studies as I am an well esteemed reader of news paper and I found about you and I don’t want it to be get late and I wanted to have an appointment with you in your clinic for some counselling. And I wanted some details regarding the appointment and counselling and does Sunday is a working day or not??

Ans. There are many students in a similar position as you. This happens when we as a family do not sit together and thrash out the details of what you like, dislike, aims and ambitions and interests and your type of personality. Career choice is one of the few most important that you make in your life. People work for forty to fifty or more years of their life and hence the right decision is so vital. The best way to go about it is to get an aptitude test done followed by the counseling for guidance. We can help you with the entire process. You are right about not wanting to delay the process. The best way is to call one of the numbers below and speak to us about the details. We will surely help you.


Q. I am 22 year old and in 3 months I will graduate as a mechanical engineer. I want to work in government sector for which I decide to prepare for IES and GATE exam , but now government is reducing vacancies in government sector, what should I do.? Should I prepare for IES and GATE ? or shall I prepare for something else (  if yes then what are other sector to prepare for ) ? Please do help me.

Ans. Of course, you should prepare for IES and GATE if you are keen for the Government sector. I hope you know the difference between the two exams. IES clearance gets you into a job directly and GATE clears the way for M.Tech education. If you are job oriented then IES is the exam of choice and if you are research oriented and like academics then GATE is the choice. First decide what is your goal and then work hard on it. Even if the vacancies are reducing it does not mean that you should panic and give up your dreams. It only means you should believe in yourself and your capacities and that you should be very positive about it.


Q. I am 34 year female and I am married happily. I was very happy with my life and everything was going good but now things are not going in my favour. I feel very depressed and nothing makes me happy. I cannot think of single thing that makes me happy. Everything annoys me or bothers me. I feel sad most of times and I don’t tell anyone about it thinking everyone will get worried about me or thing I am doing it to create drama and I want the attention but I am seriously very sad. I feel like I am trapped in a sad soul and my soul is getting tired of this life and it is draining my emotional energy down. I need counseling treatment.  Let me know what will work for me.

Ans. It seems like depression but we need to know more details about you and your symptoms. There are types of depression and that is important to ascertain for the right kind of treatment. If you are happily married there has to be some reasons for the onset of symptoms and their progression. Because you sound quite down and badly so, I would suggest that you do not delay and come immediately for sessions of counseling and psychotherapy. The more you prolong it the worse it is likely to become. It is always better to seek early diagnosis and early cure. Almost 85% of depression cases can be treated without medicine and with just psychological therapy. Do not hesitate and call one of our numbers. Do not worry and do not delay.

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