“Know your aptitude and career line”- 24 March 2013


Q. What is the benefit of an aptitude test? My friends are talking about it and what is the right age to do the test. My child is in the 9th Std and is a good student but is not aware of any career at this age. Please guide me as I want to help my child to choose the right thing for her.

Ans. An aptitude test is done from the age of 13 and above. It is for the benefit of knowing the level of the abilities the child has in 8 areas and then it helps in deciding and choosing the right career. It is a scientific and standardised test used by psychologists to assess and assist students to choose the correct career line. It is a reliable test to plan a career. Besides the aptitude the interest areas of the student as well as the personality traits are taken into account to make the right choice. Hence the importance of counselling and guidance besides the aptitude test results is important. An experienced counselling helps the student in making the correct decision.


Q. I don’t like maths and my parents insist I do engineering. I am very scared and am losing my confidence. Since 8th std I am finding maths difficult. I can do science and biology but am scared of maths. What should I do? My parents feel that without science there is no worthwhile career and I will be a loser in life. Please guide me ma’am. Is it true that without maths I will be nobody in life? I feel depressed a lot and am losing interest in my studies. I am in 10th Std now.

Ans. You must do whatever suits you best. Whether it is engineering, medicine, art and design, computers, law, journalism etc, you must choose the area where you have the aptitude and the interest. Both should match if you are to make a successful career.  Maths is not the do all and end all of life. It is a fascinating subject but not all persons have the aptitude for it. Many of us make careers without maths. Even psychology or medicine is without maths. Science has more value may be true in some ways as it has more job opportunities and more scope for work but the other careers are flourishing too. Any career line is good if you have the interest, the passion and the motivation to do it. Do not think negatively about life without maths and go ahead and choose whatever you like. A session of career planning and guidance will help you and your parents to understand the process of choice making. Cheer up!


Q. I love a boy but we fight like mad people many times. I think he does not understand me at all and always tries to dominate me. He shouts and bosses me as he likes. I cannot leave him as I love him and miss him if he does not talk to me. What to do? How should I live without him –if he leaves me what will I do always bother me. I feel depressed and helpless. I am a graduate and looking for a job which I will get in another city. Please guide me how to live my life.

Ans. I think you may have some personality problems like being overly dependent on him and being submissive too. You allow him to dominate you and also take a lot of nonsense from him it seems. If you are a graduate you should not feel helpless but seriously look for a job and become independent. You need to improve your personality and learn some better skills like being assertive, bold, courageous, independent, emotionally strong and in control of your life. In short you need to improve your emotional quotient, your emotional maturity and become bold and beautiful. With a temperament like the one you have you might always suffer depressions and emotional mood swings. You need to grow up and become more matured in thought and action. Best of luck!

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