“One step at a time”- 17 March 2013


Q. I am an Engineering 2nd year student of extc branch. I am not interested in this branch. I cannot concentrate and am finding more interest in fashion modelling but I am feared to go in front of higher class people and parents also did not support for modelling. I am not interested in technical field. Please suggest me what to do after this engineering so that my future will be good and mostly I will be satisfied and happy and my parents too.

Ans. I would suggest you come for career guidance and planning. You are in 2nd year engineering and would like to spring out to a different line after graduation. That would need more discussion and an understanding of your personality and your interest areas besides fashion modelling which you have decided to forgo. It is good that you have decided to listen to your parents and continue your studies. If the technical field does not interest you we need to know what field interests you- whether marketing would suit you, or is it the art and design courses or performing arts or commerce and finance or something else. Lots can be done after graduation too and for that we need more information about you and your dreams. Please take some time and come for counselling.


Q. I’m in a relationship from past 5 months I wanted to discuss about the boy with whom I’m in a relation. He is very disturbed Madam- he can’t concentrate in any of his work he lost his father last year due to that all the family burden is on him he is not able to sleep at night. The main reason of his frustration is his mother- he has a step mother and she is very rude to him and very mean. He is working in a company and he is just 20 he has many tension for e.g, future, job, family, money and he is planning to start a new business he has tension for that also due to all this his nights are sleepless. He is not able to give me time also and sometimes it leads to frustration for me and we have a fight. Madam please help me how to solve the problem of my partner.

Ans.  Please advise him to go slow and to take one step at a time. Let him not think and worry about all the hassles and achievements that he wants to attain in his life. Let him chalk out a long term plan for the next 2 to 3 years and also think of the small steps that he needs to take every month. He must learn to relax and enjoy his life too and live each day with positivism and happiness. Life is a journey and the travel has to be interesting too. He needs to take small steps in the right direction and enjoy the moment too. Worrying will not help. He has a good friend like you who cares for him in spite of his background and he should value that. Assure him that he will achieve his goals one day but for that he needs a calm and calculating mind and a positive attitude. He could learn to ignore his step-mother and her jibes. He should focus on his life, his health, his work, and you of course. It would help you to also do your own work and let him be. Do not pamper him too much- he has to fight his own battles. Learn to spend quality time with him where do not discuss problems but have a good relaxed time with each other. I hope both of you are studying too and taking some good professional degree for that will improve your employability quotient.

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