“Look for beginning signs”- 25 June 2017.


Q. My mother and my aunt, constantly fight with each other. It seems that it is much of property matter. Since an year it is affecting home environment and my studies. I don’t feel like to be in home and to be with my family, will it be better to shift for a hostel or to some other place. If I come late, again my family feels that I am indulging in some wrong activities. But it’s the home environment affecting me and my health too. Please help.

A. Yes, it could be a good idea to shift into a hostel if possible. If the home atmosphere is vitiated by warring adults and family members, I am sure it is disturbing for you. If you have a separate room that you can lock, you can try that for some time but if it is not helping you much, you should shift for it is your studies and it concerns your future career. Get out of family issues and be a good student. Making a future is more important. It is unfortunate that adults fight and spoil the atmosphere and do not realise the harm being done to children and their studies.


Q. Nowadays, I don’t like going out and to meet anyone. I am happy alone and don’t want to talk to anyone. Reading and listening music gives me happiness. There are constant thoughts of accidents and dangerous diseases like cancer. I over think all the time and the thoughts do not stop. Are they signs of depression? Please help me madam.

Ans. These could be signs of depression and also could be signs of obsession. You would need to consult a psychologist to get yourself assessed and diagnosed in a proper manner. Many times they could be the just the beginning signs and can be taken care of by counselling and psychotherapy. Do not worry. Take action soon and get back to normal functioning as soon as possible. All the best to you. Do not delay.


Q. My friend hates her female cousin. She always tries to make her feel inferior in front of her friends. It is affecting her confidence. Nowadays she is not able to concentrate in her studies and feels lost. I felt she is comfortable when she is with people who are younger to her. I am worried for her. She was a good girl and now I think there is something. How to get her normal? Please help

Ans. It would help to talk to your cousin to find out why she hates her cousin and what has that person done to her to make her so angry. There could be issues that she is brooding over and may need help to overcome them. She could have undergone some experiences with that person and therefore is reacting in such a manner. You say that her concentration in studies is also diminishing as well as her confidence. She is under some sort of emotional psychological disturbance and needs a serious look into. You could suggest a few sessions of counselling after you have tried your best to help her.


Q. Till 10th standard I was good at maths. Suddenly I don’t want to study maths and have a fear for it. This is happening since 6 months. It has affected my scores. I feel cramps in my joints and frequent panic attacks. My family feels there is some evil eye on me and are succumbed into some astrological things. Please help.

Ans. With each class the level of studies takes a leap, more so in 11 Std. It could be possible that you have begun to find it difficult and may not have the aptitude for it. Cramps and panic attacks are just that- anxiety and panic or in other words, fear of maths. You will have to reconsider your future study goals as you might have to change your subjects after 12 Std. You could try hard with tuitions and coaching for maths for another 6 months otherwise a change in courses seems imminent after boards. An aptitude test with career planning will help a lot in ascertaining your aptitudes and your interests in planning your career. Request your parents for a session in career guidance. There is no evil eye on you and do not psyche yourself into superstitious beliefs and thinking.


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