“Make balanced and informed choices”- 4 August 2018


Q. I would feel great if you answer my few questions. I am student of 10 grade. I have a lot of confusion in my mind about becoming a psychologist like after my courses will I be get a high paid job? Do I have any scope in my state Chhattisgarh? What if all my studies go in vain in my city Raipur? I want to be settled with my occupation and lot more things I have doubted. Please advice

Ans. Psychology is a great career but the job market is scarce. You may not get a high paid job in psychology as such. It also depends upon the specialisation you take up- organisational and industrial psychology gets you into the good/ big companies with full functioning HR (human resource) departments. They are well paid according to the industry standards and can be a good option. If you like clinical psychology, then, the jobs are few for besides teaching in colleges you could apply for a few hospitals that employ clinical psychologists. The best option after clinical psychology would be to think of a private practice after internship for a few years for practical experience. Since you are in final year of school, I am happy to know that you are seriously thinking of your career in a proper manner. A session on career guidance would be extremely helpful to clarify more and finer details. We could answer all your queries to help you take the right decision.


Q. I want to switch my career from doing engineering to arts. I love geography and history. I love to read history and tell about it. My family felt what will I do with arts –I will only become a teacher in school. I can do science and do it well but my heart lies in other subjects. What should I do? Can I make a career out of history or not? Please help me settle my mind.

Ans. History is a great subject and so is geography. All arts and humanities subjects are great reservoirs of knowledge. No subject is bad. But most people choose careers based on market demands and economic reasons which is also a vital point of consideration. Lucky are those who can combine subject-love with earning as well. History offers job opportunities in the civil services, in archaeology, museum curators, historians and teachers and professors in colleges. You could work as an engineer for a living and continue your love for history as a serious pursuit/hobby and make some sense out of it later in some way. Then you could make a switch in career.


Q. I want to study abroad and get away from India. My family can afford it but will not agree to it. They want me to stay here and get into the business. I don’t like it here and have always dreamt of going to foreign country. It is difficult to convince them. They feel I will get spoilt and all such funny things. Please guide me

Ans. Yes, it makes sense on the part of your family to want you to join the family business. If you are the only son, you may have to consider it at some point of time. However for educational purposes, you might have a stint abroad for few years. It is a good exposure to learn the work ethics and the civic sense that people have. You have not mentioned the course of study you desire for all courses and all universities are not good and you need to be a very good student to get into a good university. Getting spoilt has another angle to it- many parents may feel that if you get used to the life there you may not like to come back. That also spoils their plans to hand over the business to you. Why don’t you like India is a surprise to me- it’s your own home and country and not liking it speaks of some things. To see the world and to seek good education abroad makes sense to me. Clear your mind about your goals and your conflicts with your family and take a sensible decision. I am sure your parents would agree to something that sounds reasonable and sensible.

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