“Make your own career choice”- 8 November 2015.


Q. I am a 20 year old girl who is currently studying 3rd year Civil engineering. I have lately been disturbed and have lost all interest in studies. I never wanted to do engineering, but I was forced to by my family. I feel like I should leave engineering. But I’m confused as what will I do then? And what if I fail there too? I feel irritated and depressed when I do my college work. Can doing something that one doesn’t like cause depression? What should I do? Please advise.

Ans. Oh dear! This is the most terrible thing to be pushed into a choice which is not your own. I can understand how boring and frustrating it is to study a course which is hard labour for you. But since you have reached the third year of engineering it means that you have the intelligence and the aptitude to do it but have no interest in it. A wiser thing would be to complete your course of study for the sake of your parents’ and for the sake of three wasted years and take your graduation degree. Then surely think hard and plan whatever on earth you would like to do. The choice has to be of your interest and liking and allow no one to interfere. You could be helped with a session of counselling to reflect your thoughts and choices. After all your happiness is supreme.


Q. I am class 12 science student and preparing for PMT. For quite a long time few things are bothering me a lot.It was me who decided to take science stream I even went for counselling, but over period of time I realized that I don’t truly have much of interest in it.Though I am a good student and always score well but now I can’t take it anymore. I feel an urge to do something different and I don’t know what.I like subjects like psychology, philosophy and I want to join any university abroad. But what bothers me is that if I do this, it will be like I have wasted my parents’ money.I am not from Nagpur so I am living in a rented house with my granny.I can’t study with these thoughts in my mind.As I said I am good at studies I know that I definitely can crack PMT and even score above 90% in boards. But what I feel this complete doctor thing is not for me.I just can’t study all day all night for half of my life and then rest of my just treat people. At this point if I don’t clear up my mind everything will go in vein especially my parents’ efforts and money, even boards will slip out of my hands and I don’t want that.I need to decide what I want, please help me out.

Ans. Please do not get into a course of study which does not attract you especially medicine which takes 8 to 10 years of preparations and then total commitment to the profession. You are at the right juncture to make a choice as you are in 12 std still. You can chose psychology or philosophy as you have mentioned and they are lovely careers and great subjects to study. But we need to sit over this seriously with you and then with your parents’ as well so that all are in harmony of the decision. If they disagree then we will explore the other options for you. I will be back in town by 15 November. I am on leave till then. Please contact me after that. You need to be sure before you complete your term in March 2016.


Q. I am not able to study for long hours and even when I study I feel that I am not that concentrated. I am disturbed by trivial thoughts or things that I have to do or I have done. Ma’am study is my passion and I have to study till the time I get that inner satisfaction of doing it. So Ma’am can you kindly guide me through some tricks to be well CONCENTRATED and to increase my will-power which would help me working very hard without giving up to the comforts of life…


Ans. The best way to concentrate is to remove all distractions from your study environment such as your mobile phone, your TV, your music system if any. Close the door of your study room and eat simply like a light meal before you sit for study. Then do a 2 to 5 minute relaxation of the mind by closing your eyes and your ears and humming. Once you mind feels integrated then start to study. If you get distracted again then do the relaxation again and start study. Take a break after 2 to 4 hours depending on your capacity to sit and study. If this does not work see me after the 15th of November 3, 2015.

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