Making a career and a life – 20 March 2011


Q. I’m a 19 year guy, doing B.Tech in a reputed college in Nagpur. My problem is that I’ve gradually lost my skills that make a person a successful individual. I don’t easily get along with my friends easily. I use Facebook very rarely, 2-3 times a month though I have made many friends. I don’t talk much. I don’t show attitude. I don’t do extracurricular activities. I don’t go outside with my friends to enjoy life. All these factors have decreased my importance and my respect among my friends. I don’t do bad things. Most important thing is I don’t have good communication skills. I am afraid that I won’t be able to become an excellent engineer and a successful Individual. I want a balance between attitude and humbleness in my personality, so that no one should disrespect me. I’ve started reading popular books like the one by Stephen Covey and others. I want to dominate people with my thoughts and personality instead of them dominating me. I’m really trying hard to get things corrected. I need your advice.

Ans. You are thinking on the right lines, personality and emotional intelligence are absolutely essential to become successful besides your degree. At the moment you sound a little depressed besides your shy nature and all that. I could help you with your depression, if any, and with your personality improvement. You could come for individual sessions or group sessions which I announce at the appropriate dates which suit the college youth. Reading books will help but only marginally if the problem is a little higher than normal. Then a face to face individualized training program is better than anything else. Do think about it and contact me.


Q. I’m doing my B.E. in Mechanical Engg in a reputed college of Nagpur. I’m in 2nd year now. I’m looking for training in summer vacations near Nagpur. However I’m unable to find any references who can land me in a training in a industry. Hence I’m planning to contact some industries or car dealers through email for training. But I’m not having the courage to do so. I’m afraid I won’t get anything without a reference. What should I do? Please help me.

Ans. I thought all good colleges had a list of industries where students could apply and get in for training. However, if you have sorted out a list of places according to your preference then go ahead and mail all of them. Meet them in person if possible. This would be your first contact with the real world of work outside and take it up as a great challenge. Do not afraid of listening to a ‘no’ or several ‘no’s’ for that matter. One person will say ‘yes’ and take you up. Take it as a testing ground to ‘sell’ your personality/ self! There are lots of social skills that you would need in future and this is the beginning of trying to understand them. This is not to scare you but to motivate you for the future. All the best.


Q. I am confused about my career. My parents want me to go for science and I don’t find any interest in it. I am in the 9th Std this year and will go to 10 Std next year. What should I do? How should I convince my parents that I do not like science and maths at all? What is the best way to make them understand? Also I am not sure what I want to do in future? Please help and guide me properly.

Ans. You should request your parents to bring you for career planning where we would conduct an aptitude test on you and assess your areas of talents and weaknesses. After the test we would counsel you as well as your parents and help you chalk out an action plan for future course of study. It’s an extremely useful procedure for all students from 8 Std upwards. You are, however, right in wanting to drop science if you do not find much interest in the subjects. Career has to be your choice and all other elders can only guide you with the objective facts and information.

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