“Making proper choices a serious business”- 12 July 2015.


Q. I’m final year student in MA in Eng literature. However I left it in the middle due to some reason. I’m a nature & animal lover and always wanted to make career in it. I planned to give UPSC for IFS but realized that I don’t have required qualification for it. Now I’m mighty confused as I searched and searched but couldn’t find any course or job in Nagpur related to my interest. My parents are asking me to continue M.A lit. But I don’t want to. Please can you suggest me any path that involves my passion in animals & nature in Nagpur as my
parents won’t let me go anywhere else? I would love to work in any NGO if you could suggest any trustworthy organization. Also any course that would help me get into NGOs. I want to do something good for others. I appreciate your help greatly.

Ans.  You don’t require any specific course to get into an NGOs. It actually is voluntary work and anyone interested can join. The NGO in Nagpur I can think of are  –Animal welfare organization and SPCA Borgaon, Nagpur. There is the Ujjwal Gaurakshan Trust. You could search further online. Another option and a better one could be to complete your masters programme and join the NGO on a part time basis.


Q. I’m 22 years old resident of Nagpur. I always wanted to be a doctor as science subject was my strong particularly Biology but my father put me in engineering field. Now this year I completed my engineering course. Even today I have the same love & interest for biology. So basically my question to you is that is there any hope that I can still do any course in medical field now? Not necessarily to be a doctor but any course related to medical field because I believe that I can do much better progress in medical than in engineering. Can I make my career possible in medical profession? Please suggest.

Ans. You could do a post graduate degree in Biomedical engineering or Medical Technology from a college in Maharashtra or any other state in India. There are many colleges offering this course, even IIT’s offer it I think. Padmashree Dr. DY Patil University – Dept of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Navi Mumbai(Maharashtra), and College of Engineering Pune also offer it. You could search for them online.


Q. I have cleared my 12 th in science I got 68%. Now I am very confused regarding my career. My parents want me to do engineering but my interest is in sketching. I just love doing that and according to my parents sketching has no future. They want me to do engineering and top in that so that I can work in big companies and earn well. They don’t want me to go out of station for studies but I want go. Please provide a feed back. Is there any career regarding sketching and related courses?

Ans.  Sketching is one part of art and design courses. I do not know if there is a full fledged course in it. It is taught in fine arts and forms a part of many courses. Are you interested in pure art career or a science and art combination? There are careers like architecture which is a combination of artistic talent as well as a scientific reasoning. There are art courses like commercial art, fine art, graphic designing, etc. A session of career guidance and counselling will help you decide properly. An aptitude test will give us your ability profile. That is the best way to take a decision which will affect your life and future. It needs to be thought out systematically.


Q. I am in second year engineering. I was failing in every exam since first year and now I am not promoted to third year. I am confused about what should I do now? Should I continue or should I opt for another course? Please suggest me as soon as possible

Ans. It is necessary that you first get your aptitude test done to check whether you are actually fit for engineering or not. Secondly it is important to know your area of interest and your personality factors. There is no point in failing like this- it is bad for your mental health. You should work for success and that comes only when you make the right choice.


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