“Matter of training”- 3 March 2019.

Teen Queen.

Q. I’m a 10th grader. I’m greatly passionate for having my career in modelling but my parents don’t support my opinion because according to them modelling only means being nude to the world. They want me to take up engineering, which is totally opposite to my interests. I’ve great interests in modelling, acting and writing. I write poems which are loved by all of my followers on Instagram, also I’m onto a task of writing a novel which is based on my own story. Now out of all these confusing career options standing in front of me, I want you to guide me over what would be the best possible thing for me.

Ans. This is interesting and of course not the first time that I have heard of such clash of opinions among the middle class. Such creative and off beat careers require three things- exceptional talent, money to take risks and lastly the grit and determination to struggle against all odds. I would say writing could be a safe option to begin with- you could take literature and humanities and later go for a course in creative writing from a good college /university. You could opt for journalism and mass communication and join a newspaper, magazine or electronic media. Writing as a career takes you many places and offers many choices. So that is a great line to pursue. As far as acting is concerned you could opt for a course in FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) Pune after graduation. They offer all specialisations after the first year depending on your performance. There are private schools for acting too which you could join. Modelling is a tricky proposition and you need to find out if there is a clear pathway to learning and career making. If the costs and risks are too high you would need someone to sponsor and support you for some years. If your parents are not going to support you then who will is the big question. So seek a graduation of your choice and then think of other opportunities later. Meanwhile keep on writing and enjoying it.


Q. I am always attracted to girls and this distracts me from my studies a lot. Lately this is growing and troubling me with my concentration in studies. I am pursuing a professional degree course and it is stressful. The more stress I feel from studies the more I think of girls. I do not have any girlfriends as I am very shy and quiet. I want to talk to them normally like my friends do but cannot do so. This also makes me feel like I am useless and will not achieve anything in life. Please guide me.

Ans. Sometimes stress becomes a vicious cycle difficult to break. But you must learn to deal with it effectively and enjoy your educational process. Firstly, identify what is bothering you in your courses and also identify who can help you with the difficulties. So focus on studies first and take action to remove the obstacles by taking help. It is important to identify it and solve the problem by acting on it. Secondly, your shyness and inability to make girl friends can be overcome with a little training in behaviour modification. Get rid of your jealousy and comparisons with other boys who are better in making friends for you can also do it eventually. But keeping your priorities in mind you should set your goals. First, aim to do well in your degree course and then aim to learn inter-personal skills on a second priority. They can be done simultaneously if you have the time and energy to do so. Contact us for skill development and training and we can help you. Always remember that shy and introverted people too can be very skilled in all types of social skills that people possess. It is a matter of training and development. Nothing more than that.

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