“Think through before making a choice”- 6 March 2016.


Q. I am a regular reader of your column in insight. Now I am in a great confusion currently. I am in 12th standard and my exam will finish in a week. And I want to do something nice in the field of software business, as well as engineering after 12th. After my engineering I want to start my own business but I don’t know much about it like which classes to go after 12th and what exactly I should do to start my own software business. Please guide me for it. I will be waiting for your reply.
Ans. It is very nice to know that you intend to start your own business after graduation in engineering. You could opt for computer science as that is the field of liking and then work for two years in an industry of choice and then start your own business. There are many organisations which train, mentor and help with ideas and starting up your business, such as The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE). There is a Nagpur chapter and you could look it up on the net. There are governmental set-ups for helping entrepreneurs such as the MCED (Maharashtra Centre of Entrepreneurship Development) situation in Udyog Bhavan, Nagpur. Another option could be to do an MBA in family business (if it is going to be a part of your family business) or specialise in any one field such as finance or marketing or IT etc. Alternately you could come for a session of counselling when in third year or after the completion of your graduation.


Q. I am student of MBA (2nd semester). I am confused about my stream whether to choose HR or Marketing. Please guide me about scope of both fields special regards to government sector as I took drop after my graduation B.Sc (chemistry hon.) and prepared for PSB but couldn’t make for final selection. Now I am tensed and negative thoughts come in my mind. I doubt on myself irrespective knowing my calibre which is good. Kindly guide me.
Ans. Both fields are good and should be chosen on the basis of your liking for the field and future work role. HR is all about dealing with people, whether it is hiring them, training them, promoting them, listening to grievances, and firing them. The marketing is all about meeting customers, influencing them with choices, striking deals, travelling extensively. Both branches are people oriented, the difference being that HR deals with in-house employees and Marketing deals with people outside. For both, you need to be friendly and extroverted to some extent. A session of counselling for career guidance will help you clear your aims and mindset.

Q. I regularly read your column. I need your help. I am over emotional girl right now in second year doing BE in Nagpur itself. Now and then incidents happen with me from which I get hurt often. This year my friendships are not lasting for longer with anyone. Due to misunderstanding or anything all left me. I wander alone in my college. Rather I am a good student and even active member in 3 committees of college. I got 90 % in 10th and 70 in 12th. Now, I am stuck in engineering which I don’t want to do. But now I am looking forward for MBA from one of the top colleges as I have that potential to crack CAT by good score. But madam my problem is this loneliness haunts me. Wandering alone in the campus, feels so bad, sitting alone in the class in the lecture, eating tiffin alone, no one there to help me, no one even cares whether I am alive or not. Every now and then I cry due to friendship issues. My parents have high expectations from me and even I want to excel in life. I don’t have any stage fear, good in interpersonal skills. But in personal life I am suffering a lot. My boyfriend was cheating on me since four years so I broke up. At college I chose the wrong company, they left me now. What I want is good college, competitive crowd, good friends group and even want to live outside so that I can explore myself. But right now I am lost. Please help me madam.

Ans. This is rather unusual- there must be something in your behaviour that is causing this situation of ‘no friends’. All students cannot be bad. A few sessions will help us identify and rectify the problem. You are otherwise an intelligent girl and know how to find your way. We need to know specific instances of what happened and how you behaved with others and what situations led to this condition of ‘loneliness’.


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