“Of career making”- 30 March 2014


Q. I am planning to pursue M.A clinical psychology from a college in Mumbai University. I wanted some information which I somehow am not getting from the internet and my seniors. I doubt its reliability. My queries are – 1. Can I become a lecturer after doing M.A Clinical psychology?? 2. I have heard often that clinical psychology does not benefit arts students. It only benefits doctors. Is this true?? 3. Can I work in hospitals after M.A in Clinical Psychology? If yes, how. Can you please guide me??

Ans. Let me answer your questions one at a time. In UGC sponsored colleges you would need to pass the National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Eligibility Test (SET) for jobs in state colleges. Private colleges may not be strict about these criteria and may hire you perhaps on a lower salary. As a post graduate you would be allowed to teach under-graduate students. Your second question about the usefulness of the course is that it is useful for arts students and it is not taught to doctors at all. If your aim is to practice clinical psychology and work in hospitals or elsewhere you should enrol for the two year M.Phil programme in Clinical Psychology conducted by various Institutes of Mental Health and not by the University. That will give you the registration with the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) and the recognition. That would qualify you as a Clinical Psychologist.


Q. I am a big fan of yours. I read every text of yours in the Hitavada newspaper. I need your guidance for my career. Because I am doing my engineering in Nagpur. I am in final year but according to me I am not satisfied with whatever I am doing from last four year. Sometimes I feel that I am not made for engineering. I want to do different things but I need your help for to judge myself and which field should be better for me. Please guide us mam.  I need to meet you. Please advice.

Ans. You would be helped with an aptitude test and a personality test to assess your abilities and your type to know what career would fit you the best. Try your best to pass your final year and get qualified as a graduate and then you could opt out of engineering and choose a different career that would make you happy. Please call my clinic for an appointment at an appropriate time. We would do the needful.


Q. I have undergone hell in last few months. Please help me mam. My parents have high expectations from me but I am not interested in studies at all. My mind goes blank and I feel sleepy all the time. My boyfriend left me for another girl and I am devastated. I want to commit suicide and my parents do not understand my state of mind. From both sides I am stuck. There is nobody for me in this world. I am the only child and my parents do not have the time to talk to me or sit with me. They are always cursing and abusing me for my studies. What should I do? Is there a way out?


Ans. This is an unfortunate situation where your personal life as well as your career making do not seem to be going anywhere. You do not express if you any other aims in life if you don’t like studies. Many students may not like academics but they do have other areas of talent which they would love to pursue. Personal life is important but not everything in life. You cannot be devastated for ever if your boyfriend ditches you. You cannot stop living and commit suicide if a boyfriend behaves stupidly. You cannot ruin your life if someone does not care for you. Start caring for yourself and start loving yourself first and think seriously about your career and what you would like to do in future. If you cannot help yourself then please do not hesitate to come for counselling. Life is precious. Live it.

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