“Of Office Romance” 17 March 2024.


Q. There is a colleague in my office and she is very smart. She is better than me and I am in her team. She is very sweet in nature and manages very well all the tasks. She is the type of girl I always admired and wanted in my life. I think I have started having feelings for her and I think she understands that but does not say anything. She behaves very friendly with all and does not give any special favors to me. Now my emotions are getting mixed up! I am beginning to feel jealous if she gives another man more attention. I miss it when she does not give me attention. I don’t know what to do? If my feelings grow bigger, I will be in trouble and will harm my job. Slight distraction I am feeling on the job and feel confused and slightly upset. Please suggest what I should right now.

Ans. This is a time for reflection and caution. Ideally, it is better not to get emotionally involved at the workplace for it hampers the work. If the attraction between two persons are mutual, the possibility of an emotional alliance is more. Of- course this also should be kept outside the office and not brought inside the workplace. The behavior at the workplace should be cordial and professional. It would be better for you to examine your emotions and check them right away. You are already aware of your emotions of jealousy and attention seeking. Control them totally and go to work with a calm mind. Do not express them to her if she is not showing any feelings towards you. If your job is important to you, I am sure you will take all measures to retain it and check your behavior.


Q. I am a student of 12 Std and have taken science subjects. I feel burdened by my studies and don’t know what to do? Taking science was my choice and nobody forced me to take it. All my family have done science or engineering, so I also thought I will do the same thing. But it is not happening. I am worried for my future and my studies. I cannot appear for the entrance exams as it makes me nervous when I open my books. Can I change my subjects and make a switch to another course of study? But what are the options? Can I appear for an aptitude test to know what is best for me? Please help.

Ans.  Yes, an aptitude test will certainly help you know your aptitude and abilities in different areas and help you make a choice that is good for you. Besides the test, we guide you according to your nature and personality traits and help make available three choices that you may consider. You have at one time made a choice of science and it is proving to be ‘not the best option for you’. The second time you need to be doubly sure that you are making the right choice which will lead you to success. You could call us on 98230-73986 and take an appointment for the test and guidance session. All the best to you.

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