“Personality is the biggest asset you have”- 25 January 2015.


Q. My parents have partially agreed with me but they keep on suggesting to not to waste 2 years rather look forward for further options. Moreover I too have thought of persuing MBA after this. But present course is getting like a challenge to me. So what should I go for?
Ans. It’s a good idea to pursue MBA after graduation. It gives an edge over others in various aspects. As for now, I suggest you give it your best shot. If even after that if you feel you are unable to cope up with it then we will work on other options. You have time till the year end to make a choice and decision.


Q. I am 22 year boy. In my life so many changes came on my friendship. I have changed 3 schools in out of state due to my father transfer and I miss all friends but that time all is good when I came to 10th std. There is twist came in my life. At my home town distt. most of student are frightened and jealous me but my 1 close friend and some other friends supported me because I know that I was right and my score get down, My best friend shifted to another city. again change 11th std. Because the sub. I choose is not on previous school . In 11th too many good close friends and good teacher after that again change the
city to next for graduation . During graduation no one be my close frnd. Now i am graduate but depresed on facing people and geting weak phy. And ment., less confidence. But mam i want to again my confidence so guide me for introducing new people and make friend i
was preparing for civil service .

Ans. Confidence is internally driven. You must focus on your strengths. Do not think about your past history of shifting schools, etc. because it is very common and most people face it. Instead, shift your attention to your positive traits. You have built good relationships in the past, so you have good relation-building abilities. Make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. Hence, fight your loneliness or depression. Civil service is a good line if you have the inclination, so don’t let these trivial things come in your way to excellence. Also improve your English language as well written English which is an important subject for the civil services. You would need to build up your positive traits in your personality. We can train you for that but you would need to come for sessions.


Q. I am student of Engineering Third year Mechanical Branch. I am not so well in studies and fear of further shadules. My all papers of Engineering has been clear except Mathamatics1 from 5-6 attempts of first year because of that my all shadule and focus has totally drastic. Mam and i am not getting exact solution whereas i have to focus and not found interests what exactly i want to do. Mam please help me and tell me the solution.

Ans. This usually happens when one doesn’t properly chalk out his career options. Mathematics is a basic requirement for the field you have chosen. I would suggest you get an Aptitude Test done right away so that we don’t end up wasting too many years. Also, don’t feel guilty or bad about this, it is common among engineer students and one can always rectify. This happens when you do not plan your career choices systematically. This should be done from class 9 onwards. But it still never too late.

Q. I am a third year student and off late lots of boys have been hitting on me but i am not sure about their seriousness or motives. I feel disturbed and its causing a distraction to my studies as well. I don’t want to risk my emotions. Please help me Maa’m.


Ans. This is a common phenomenon in colleges. Try to level-headedly judge the intentions of these boys. You should be confident in yourself and try to gauge this. Usually, if a group of boys do this, it is with the motive of bullying. In such cases, you should avoid being alone and hang out more with your girlfriends. Also, you can ignore, or complain to authorities, or even share with fellow students. Decent guys will understand you, be upfront with your thoughts. If individuals are doing this, then you can either ignore this if you are not interested or you can try to judge their motive behind this and react accordingly.

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