“Pre-marriage counselling is helpful and useful”- 27 September 2015.


Q. What if in arrange marriage I don’t develop feelings for the other person? I have been engaged now and I know the person for 7 months. I had a serious relationship two years back for four long years. Now I’m getting married in December 2015, I’m very unsure whether the marriage will work out?

Ans. This is a difficult prediction to make whether an arranged marriage will work or not. One point that you mention that is striking is that in spite of being engaged for seven months you have not developed feelings for the guy so far. This situation has to be addressed seriously for seven months is a very long time for not developing any sort of feelings for each other. Either you have not spent much time talking to each other on phone or in person or there are things about him that you dislike or are put off with. Please get this analysed and then get married otherwise it will pose a serious problem. Pre-marriage counselling is a very good way to understand yourself, your needs and understand each other before you tie the knot. For once you are aware of the personality of each other and the strengths and weaknesses of each other you will both be better prepared to handle the marriage and make a success of it. The decision will be based on information and awareness of what to expect from each other. Please come for a session or two as soon as possible. You will enjoy the process.


Q. I am 25 years of age. I am not employed now. I am witnessing some signs of depression and stagnancy mentally. Since last few years I am going through enough stress because of domestic issues and studies. I feel pessimistic about my career. I lost my mum this year due to which my depression level has increased. I feel whether it’s neurological issue because my academic performance had aggravated after my 10 class. Sometimes I am unable to understand even simpler things and I am unable to speak anything without fear.

Ans. This is definitely symptoms of depression as you rightly point out. It can be caused by continuous stress and also by the incidents that you mention in your personal life. Since it is affecting you and your performance in studies this means that it is growing and needs to be treated. It is not a neurological issue as far as your symptoms go, it has to be depression which seems to be progressing further. You might need some medication too but that is after we screen you with psychological tests and communicating with you. Many times we are able to treat depression without medicines very effectively through counselling processes.


Q. I am pursuing final year B.E in Mechanical engineering. I want to know about exams like GRE, TOEFL and IELTS. Please guide me that which countries are best for M.S in Mechanical engineering discipline and kindly tell about the best universities too. I also want to know about the scholarship scheme for M.S. Do any company recruit on the basis of GRE scores in India? Please tell me about the best tutorials in Maharashtra for GRE. Also tell me about the approximate expenses up-till the completion of M.S overseas. Do any trust provides alms for studying abroad and tell about the banks lending loans on less interest per annum. Please tell me about the good books to improve my vocabulary for GRE and also quant. How should I prepare for this exam? Kindly guide in this respect too.

Ans. You would be better helped if you contact an agency that deals with education abroad for they would tell you what are the eligibility criteria for different courses for universities abroad and also which are the best colleges and universities suitable to you and your financial pocket. They will also tell you is scholarships are being offered by some of them and how and where to get loans for education. If you belong to Nagpur there are good agencies here for such tasks and if belong to other state then find out locally. If you can call us, we will give you the names who can help you.


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