“Superior in evolution”- 25 July 2012

At last it is official! Women are intellectually superior to men! We as women always knew it but now it is a published fact. Wow! We as women always also knew that we were being suppressed due to our superior abilities and resources. Now this study only endorses it!

James Flynn the authority on Intelligence tests stated that earlier women were slightly lower on intelligence results than men but now they are higher and this could be the result of modernity he says. We do not know what he means by modernity and how he defines it. He says women multi-task due to work and home responsibilities and hence develop more abilities. He also says that the increase in intelligence might be due to this fact.

The giraffe stuck its neck out because it had to adapt to assuage its hunger. Evolution is the mother of all necessity just as necessity is the mother of all invention! But men are reluctant to change. There are studies that state the sad fact that women are changing 200 percent and men are not changing even 20 percent. Since more than a decade I have been stating this fact in my columns several times.

In the evolutionary process the women are emerging superior as they are fast changing and adapting to their surroundings and their modern day needs but men are not changing for reasons known to them. You could blame it on the social, cultural traditions of India and their resistance to change or you could blame it on the strong patriarchal mindsets that men always maintained that ‘we are like this and we refuse to change’. It is this ostrich like attitude that refuses to see the changing reality around the globe and within the country which is going to be their bane. We have been advising and counseling them for their own benefit and their own survival that they should not become an anachronism. Now James Flynn gives them a cause to worry about their superiority.

Just as increasing female feticide will not only endanger the female species by wiping them out but will impact the male species, similarly poor adaptability will endanger the male species and impact the female species. Since both the species created by God are unique yet complementary to each other one species cannot do without the other. So a loving caring sharing (LCS) dyadic relationship will be in the best interests of both! Instead of one dominating and being oppressive and the other sex being oppressed and victimized, both should aim for the LCS equation. This is not a utopian dream which is an impossible goal but a reality which is being realized by many across countries.

This utopian dream only requires one little change in the mindsets of the males and that is an attitude of ‘respect’ for the female sex. Respect for her capabilities and capacities, respect for her physical and mental resources, respect for her sense and sensibilities, respect for her responsiveness and responsibility, respect for her emotional quotient and her intelligence quotient!

Now James Flynn is on our side not because he a male hater and a lover of women but because he is an unbiased scientist. He states that intelligence tests always reflected gender and race differences. Now too the statement holds true but it has tilted in favour of women. That makes us happy as we stand not shocked but vindicated. ‘Give us a chance we shouted and we will show you what we can do’ was the confidence, always.

Someone should tell the ‘khap panchayats’ of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana about James Flynn and his study and then see their responses. Perhaps they will ban all girls from going to school and seeking education, stop women from stepping out of the home alone, will stop women working outside in jobs, will stop women using mobile phones at any age even at 80 years and stop women from thinking!

Women it seems are making up for lost time and working harder everywhere to prove themselves and their talents. In Maharashtra year after year girls are doing better than boys in final board exams but seem to vanish after school. They are not seen in many percentages in professional degree courses but get restricted by invisible social forces.

What a waste of natural resources and natural talent- you would agree.

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