“Think through life goals”- 10 June 2012

Ankita, Nagpur

Q. I am a married lady and work in a private school. I wish to complete my master’s degree but I am confused whether I should go for M.Sc. – Biotechnology or Microbiology or MA Psychology. Which stream would fetch a good salary in the field of education? What are the opportunities and prospects open before me? I can’t afford to leave my job for further studies.

A. It is good to hear that you wish to study ahead. Both Biotechnology and Microbiology are research oriented career fields. The two options they leave open for you are research and teaching. All the 3 choices you mentioned are higher degree courses, for teaching in college, for which you will need to clear the NET/SET examination. If you pursue your education in Psychology, another option that opens up for you is to continue working in a school as a special educator or a school/education counsellor. You can complement your qualification by acquiring certain diploma courses in special education in distance learning. University of Mumbai, SNDT University (Mumbai), Annamalai and Ignou Universities of distance learning, JNU (Delhi) may have courses of your requirement.


Q. My friend spent a few moments of closeness with a neighbour and ever since, she has been obsessed with him. When the boy was later approached, he simply declared the incident to be a complete mistake and distanced himself from her. But my friend is completely broken, depressed and also has sleep disturbances. Please help.

A. Your concern is justified. However, explanations seldom work with heartbreaks because experiences are very subjective and often, rationality cannot surpass emotional hurt because no one knows the reality better than the sufferer!  It’s possible that you are not completely aware of the extent of the encounter that your friend had with this neighbour. I am afraid this could be more serious than it sounds. Your friend would not only need to accept that the feelings of love are not mutual but she also needs to build her self respect again. I wonder if this encounter had any emotional attachment at all, from his side! “Mistakes” don’t happen with intention. However it is difficult to ascertain his intentions and his behaviour with such scant information. Counselling will definitely help your friend as it is absolutely essential to understand her exact state of mind, in order to check for any unhealthy signs of trauma. Such problems are best resolved when the person is directly involved!


Q. I have passed 12th with 55.83%aggregate.  I had scored 133 marks in PCM.  Am I eligible for taking admission in B.E? Also please suggest other options open to me.  I will be thankful if you kindly reply soon.

Ans. I hope you have appeared for the entrance examinations for B.E for the all India level and the State level? There are many options after 12th but it all depends upon your interests and also what other options you had planned for and the exams you have appeared for? Such planning is best done after 10th Std as you begin to prepare for the various entrance exams besides the 12th Std board. Please come for a session of career guidance.


Q. Last year, due to failure in exams, my friend was discontinued from engineering twice. Now, in the third attempt too his results are not satisfactory. He has always wanted to study, but complains of lack of concentration. He seems to be losing interest in studies. Please help.

Ans. It is good to see your concern for your friend. As a result of performance pressure concentration problems are extremely common in students. Positive thinking and a calm mind are keys for improving concentration. It is important that he use statements like “I am capable”, “I can work hard”, and “I have the capacity to control my mind” and the like. This clubbed with some kind of meditation or relaxation techniques works the best. One good thing about your friend is that he has the wish to study. What he needs to address is whether this wish is really getting fulfilled in engineering or some other career option interests him more. Performance is directly related to interest in the task as well the aptitude in the specific area of study. Career planning may help your friend the most. Best of luck!




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