“Unconditional support matters a lot”- 8 June 2014


Q. I was a student of class 12. Recently I have given board exams and I am preparing for AIPMT.

I also have a boyfriend but as we are just teenagers we are not involved in this love and all for so much. We both are good in studies and are mainly focusing on our career first. He has just given the IIT-JEE MAINS EXAM and after giving the exam he was not feeling good. He told that he was fully prepared for this exam and wanted to clear this exam but while giving exam he became totally blank and he told me that he is on the edge line and may be he will not clear this exam. He is very upset. He told that he every time fails to fulfil their parent wishes. First he could not clear NDA due to his height and then this. What should I do mam? If this continues then he may enter into a state of depression and he has to give other exams also, then he would not be able to clear those exams also. How should I console him? Please help me out

Ans. He has parents to take care of him and of course you as a friend can also help him by boosting his low morale and inspiring him to do better in future. Whatever may have been his results in JEE he will have to choose for himself a good career path and get going. Just brooding about the past results will not help him. He has to look forward to the future. Fulfilling his parents wish is not so important as is his own future dreams and achievements. Be with him emotionally and stand by him is the best thing you can do in such a situation. An unconditional support matters in difficult times.


Q. I have just completed 10 std and the results will also be out by next week. I love a guy very much and even he loves me like no one can ever love me. But we were not in a relationship.
My mother read our conversation in my cell and now she won’t let me talk to him. I tried to talk to her thrice that it would affect my studies but please let me talk to him but she just wont.
Both my parents are conservatives. I feel suffocated. I can’t imagine life without him. Please help me. What should I do? Lie to her and talk to him?

Ans. When you keep things in moderation most parents may not object. Only when you go overboard with your emotions you create an alarm in the minds of people who care for you. The focus has to be your studies and your career and not your relationship. When students spoil their careers due to friendships it hurts parents for they spend their hard earned money for your studies and it sort of goes waste. You are expected to do your best in studies and also maintain friendships. If the friendship becomes all encompassing, then it’s better to get out of it.


Q. I need career guidance from you. I want to become a script writer of Bollywood movies and basically want to become writer but I could not find any platform for myself. Could you please guide me what should I do? Right now I am pursuing my graduation in B.Sc Biotechnology and I am second year student. Please tell me where should I submit my articles and how to get my stories published? I do have written story for novel but couldn’t get it published because of lack of money. I have mailed you many times but you never replied me. I shall be very thankful to you.


Ans. It would be a good idea to get admitted into FTII Pune for the graduation programme and choose script writing as a choice for specialisation. There you get connected to the experts in Bollywood and if you are exceptionally good you will get noticed. The competition is tough and there is room only for the best and the original, that is, if you have no connections there. Another way would be to talk to book shops and publishing houses for connections for your novel. Someone might like it and agree to publish it. It is a long drawn struggle. But worth it.

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